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He frequently declaimed in public, and recited verses of his own composing, not only at home, but in the theater; so much to the joy of all the people, that public prayers were appointed to be put up to the gods upon that account; and the verses which had been publicly read, were, after being written in gold letters, consecrated to Jupiter Capitolinus.

Some of these markets were, at the time of Mahomet, national occasions: men of every tribe met and came to know each other there; the poetry which had been composed during the preceding months was publicly recited, so that the rise of a new poet was known to all Arabia; the news of all the tribes circulated, and foreign ideas and doctrines were also to be heard.

On "speaking day" you started out bravely and recited the first stanza without mishap. When you started to think of the second one, however, it would not come. The memory balked. Now what was the matter? How can we explain this distressing blank? In psychological terms, we ascribe the difficulty to the failure to make proper associations between stanzas.

Each recited his own, called upon by Sillery; each would rise without being urged, place his chair in front of him, and leaning one hand upon its back, would recite his poem or elegy. Certainly some of them were wanting in genius, some were even ludicrous.

Now, bless her honest, true heart, I do understand her." Speech, long repressed, was rushing from his mouth. Then he struggled with words; his excitement choked him. He looked down at her through his tears. "The bit poem, lassie! You remember it. The poem you recited, and when I sent you the big basket o' posies! All the time since yesterday it has been running in my head.

Quoth Al-Rashid, "This too is stolen"; and quoth she, "Not, so, 'tis mine." He said, "If thy words be true change the rhyme once more." And she recited, "Drive off the ghost that ever shows * Beside my couch when I'd repose, So I may rest and quench the fire * Beneath my ribs e'er flames and glows In love-sick one, whom passion's palms * Roll o'er the couch where weeping flows.

Music, rhythmic chanting, symbolic gesture, the solemn periods of recited prayer, are all contributory to this, effect In churches of the Catholic type every object that meets the eye, every scent, every attitude that we are encouraged to assume, gives us a push in the same direction if we let it do its rightful work.

At Beaulieu, standing in the ruins of the Abbey, he could hear Desmond's delightful laugh as he recited the misadventures of Hordle John; at Stoneycross he sat upon the bank overlooking the moor, whence they had seen the fox steal into the woods about Rufus's Stone; at the Bell tavern at Brook they had lunched; at Hinton Admiral they had played cricket.

He smiled gratefully, "Now, Gresham, let's get down to statistics. These are working hours. Here's twenty-five hundred." "What for?" asked Gresham, looking at the money avariciously. "To show confidence in the dealer. You have a vacant lot up-town. What's it worth?" "Forty thousand dollars," recited Graham. "If you want forty it's worth thirty," Gamble sagely concluded. "I'll split it with you.

"Yes, I think I know what you mean." "But with regard to the voice I distinctly remember that he used the word 'metallic." "Why, that's the word Cynthia used " "I dare say it is. It's the word Alec used in describing the voice in which old Mr. Saffron recited his poem, or whatever it was, in bed." "But I've talked to Mr.