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He went out for a long walk, and she went to her room. They lunched silently together in the presence of their children, who knew that they had been quarrelling, but were easily indifferent to the fact, as children get to be in such cases; nature defends their youth, and the unhappiness which they behold does not infect them.

I also lunched and dined a good many times at some of the new restaurants which had sprung into being since I left London. I mention this to show you that I was where I could be seen and noticed, as I evidently was.

Of late his forehead had grown lined, and those business friends who had known him for a man of abstemious habits had observed in the City chophouse at which he lunched almost daily that whereas formerly he had been a noted trencherman, he now ate little but drank much. Suddenly the spaniel leapt up with that feverish, spider-like activity of the toy species and began to bark.

"Really, Miss Hendy," he said, with his mouth prodigiously distended with codfish "there's no arguing against such eloquence. I must give in." But Miss Hendy, who had probably lunched, determined to accept no surrender. "No," she cried "you shall not give in, till I have overwhelmed you with reasons for your submission.

There we lunched and waited for an hour. Some oxen were ploughing close to us, driven in a desultory way by a figure clad in a pair of once white drawers, and a once white tunic with a leather belt. All which this husbandman wanted being corn enough to supply himself, and no surplus to fall into the sheikh's hands, the field was naturally small.

I was invited to literary parties and to parties given by women of rank and fashion who thought it behoved them to patronise the arts. An unattached and fairly presentable young man is always in demand. I lunched out and dined out. Since I could not afford to take cabs, when I dined out, in tails and a white tie, as was then the custom, I went and came back by bus.

After this great reception they all dined in pavilions in the park one thousand tenantry by themselves, and at a fixed hour; the miscellaneous multitude in a huge crimson tent, very lofty, with many flags, and in which was served a banquet that never stopped till sunset, so that in time all might be satisfied; the notables and deputations, with the guests in the house, lunched in the armory.

"I want green, John, because it will make me think of the springtime and nature, and all beautiful things." They lunched at a restaurant and in the afternoon went down to Ardayre. John had many things to attend to and would be occupied all the following day.

For she roamed the fields and woods with him gladly, lunched in glens remote it seemed from everything but the call of that infernal horn, yielded to the enthusiasm of his maddest moods, romped with him like a kitten or a child and kept miraculously the poise and reticence of a woman. She talked freely of her brother; never of her uncle.

"If your invitation to lunch still holds good," he said, "may I accept it? Afterwards, if you can spare me a few minutes I will make things quite clear to you." She laughed. "You will find," she declared, "that I shall leave you little peace for luncheon. I am consumed with curiosity." Nevertheless, Mr. Sabin lunched with discretion, as usual, but with no lack of appetite.

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