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"Good God!" said Hamilton, and dropped his hand on his revolver, but before it was clear of his holster, there came a sharp crack, and the snake leapt up and fell back as a bullet went snip-snapping through the undergrowth. Then Hamilton saw Bones. Bones in his shirtsleeves, bareheaded, his big pipe in his mouth, who came hurriedly through the trees pistol in hand.

The deck, which, like everything else, had been smeared with tar, was in a blaze, but the combustible had not been carried as far as the helm, where doubtless the captain had stood to direct her course. A sudden thought struck him. He ran along the poop until opposite the stern of the fire-ship, climbed over the bulwark and leapt down on to the deck, some fifteen feet below him.

It would appear so certain to him that she could never find happiness in a marriage with Arthur Banks. And with that thought a suspicion of my late companion of the hill-top leapt into my mind. He had hinted at some influence or "pull" over Brenda's father that might perhaps be used in a last emergency, although the use of it implied the taking of a slightly dishonourable advantage.

And there all would have parted from life without a name and unknown to mortal men, those bravest of heroes, with their task unfulfilled; but as they pined in despair, the heroine-nymphs, warders of Libya, had pity on them, they who once found Athena, what time she leapt in gleaming armour from her father's head, and bathed her by Trito's waters.

When Mr. Low, unattended as he always is, reached the foot of the stairs the retriever leapt down with one bound, and through the air over his head fled Mahmoud and Eblis, uttering piercing cries, the siamang, though keeping at a distance, adding to the jubilations, and for several minutes I saw nothing of my host, for these creatures, making every intelligent demonstration of delight, were hanging round him with their long arms; the retriever nearly wild with joy, but frantically jealous; all the creatures welcoming him more warmly than most people would welcome their relations after a long absence.

He thus succeeded in reaching the place where he had left his horse tethered, leapt on to his back, and rode off into Scythia. There was no pursuit: the people of Bosphorus took some time to discover what had happened; and then they were occupied with disputes as to the succession. Thus Lonchates fulfilled his promise, and handed the head of Leucanor to Arsacomas.

Make notes as you read, and we will discuss it when you have finished." "And you won't forget to send me the copy of Mrs. Browning?" "No, I seldom forget. But I may not send it. Science is better for you just now than poetry. What is that blossom you are so carefully cherishing?" Miss Lady's eyes fell, and the color leapt to her face. "This? Just a wild rose I found over there by the wall.

He had leapt at the sight of our men and horses on the sky-line, and when the bullet hit he must have ascribed it to them. At any rate, he began to circle through the tangled vines in their direction. From their elevation they could follow his movements. At once they set up howls of terror and appeals for help. Some began frantically to run back and forth.

Roden, who was smoking, threw his cigarette away. "You mean to do both these things?" "Both." Roden looked at him. He opened his lips to speak, but suddenly leapt back. "Look out!" he cried, and had barely time to point over Cornish's shoulder. Cornish swung round on his heel. He belonged to a school and generation which, with all its faults, has, at all events, the redeeming quality of courage.

Flames no longer leapt from the beech logs; but on their under side, where a glow still lingered, embers fell. It is not true that the close of a life which ends in a natural fashion life which is permitted to put on the pomp of death and to go out in glory inclines the mind to repose. It is not true of a day ending nor the passing of the year, nor of the fall of leaves.

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