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"It means," said he grimly, "that had I not received orders to make no delay on my journey, there would have been one rogue less in your part of the world, monsieur." "You have been attacked on the road?" I said, with a swift glance at Jacques. "The bullet went a trifle wide," he answered shortly, "but it came close enough for my comfort." "Well," exclaimed Jacques, "a miss is as good as a mile.

The ball, thrown with much strength, flies, strikes the wall in great, quick blows, then rebounds, and traverses the air with the rapidity of a bullet.

I asked, bewildered. "An aeroplane, man! Who owns an aeroplane around here?" "I don't know. There are several at the aviation grounds. What's that got to do with it?" "Everything! Don't you see? The bullets fired from above and behind. The number of bullets fired. Those two bullet holes in the foot-board of the car everything points to an aeroplane.

There is not much sport in shooting them but one which was leisurely swimming up stream about fifty yards from the ship, made a sporting shot and was killed with a bullet in the heart. As the cabin is small and hot, we arrange to sleep on the bridge of the steamer which is almost embedded in trees when we tie up to the bank for the night.

"My God, Buck, I've done all this for nothin'! It was Silent that got away!" "What's that?" Over the groans of the wounded came the sound of running horses, not one, but many, then a call: "Close in! Close in!" "The posse!" said Dan. As he jerked open the door a bullet smashed the wood above his head. Three horsemen were closing around Satan and Black Bart. He leaped back into the room.

It might be taken, therefore, that the person firing was not used to firearms, or he would not have hit what might be called the ceiling. The bullet was produced by the chief constable. On reaching the second landing, the mark of the bullet in the lintel showed clearly that it had been fired in the direction of some object below some one, probably, descending the stairs.

On being recalled on the Monday morning session of March 26th the witness said he wished to state that he was unable to testify from which direction the holes in the warehouses had been made. It appeared that he had discovered the bullet marks to have been whittled with a penknife since he had last viewed them.

His cry was echoed by the others, and Jack felt a second bullet whiz overhead. "Pretty close," the lad muttered, "but it's only four to three now." For a time all was silent in the forest. Then one of the enemy, more venturesome than the others, darted across the open in an effort to get closer to Jack and his friends.

He had never before seen such a look on a woman's face as that on Sylvia's when she threw herself upon Harley's breast and defied his bullet; it was beautiful and wonderfully pathetic, and something like a sob came from the burly "King."

An historian of the war says, "The inexperience of some of these recruits seems almost incredible. One young fellow, who came to the field-hospital with a broken arm and a bullet in his shoulder, carried his firelock with him, but confessed that he had never fired it off, as he was unable to do so. The piece, upon being examined, was found to be in perfect order.

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