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The most powerful agent in character-building is this awakening to the true self, to the fact that man is a spiritual being, nay, more, that I, this very eternal I, am a spiritual being, right here and now, at this very moment, with the God-powers which can be quickly called forth. With this awakening, life in all its manifold relations becomes wonderfully simplified.

The salt fields are wonderfully beautiful in the moonlight, but not very agreeable to work in, for the mercury often reaches 140° F., and the air is so full of particles of salt that the workers feel an intense thirst, which the warm, brackish water does not satisfy. The work is done by Indians and Japanese, for white people cannot endure the heat.

Either Max was not the Wynn Carrados he had been seeking or else the dealer had been misinformed; for although his host was wonderfully expert in the face of his misfortune, it was inconceivable that he could decide the genuineness of a coin without seeing it. The opportunity seemed a good one of getting even with Carrados by taking him at his word.

"I reckon they aren't coming just yet," said Captain Blossom, at length. "Let us wait no longer." "I'm willing," said Tom. The extra work had sharpened his appetite wonderfully. The evening passed quietly and soon one after another retired. As agreed, the camp-fire was left burning, and each took his turn at remaining on guard.

For she perishes every day before our eyes we cannot give her sleep there is such malaise, emaciation, weariness. 'She is wonderfully patient. It seems to me, looking back, that a few days ago came a change. I cannot remember any words that marked it, but it is as though without our knowing it her eyes had turned themselves irrevocably from us and from life, to the hills of death.

The two ladies who, in advance of the Swiss season, had been warned that their design was unconsidered, that the passes would not be clear, nor the air mild, nor the inns open the two ladies who, characteristically, had braved a good deal of possibly interested remonstrance were finding themselves, as their adventure turned out, wonderfully sustained.

If I sometimes say inwardly that such is not the natural state of man, I contrive to quiet myself by the assurance that such is the best state For bachelors. What disembodied comforter of Job suggests such things? Yr friend, P.S. If you loved some one ardently who wonderfully resembled personally some one you hated ardently what would you do?

Apparently he quite realised the new position, and had no regrets at leaving Paddy for his lawful owner. Their noonday lunch, provided by their kind Friend, tasted wonderfully good, but both the travellers were feeling very tired before any prospect of the next meal came in sight. The brief daylight was already fading when they saw a neat thatched cottage, standing back from the roadside.

So wonderfully far apart have races wandered in spirit, and so hard it is to understand the literature next door! Yet French prose is distinctly better than English; and French verse, above all while Hugo lives, it will not do to place upon one side. What is more to our purpose, a phrase or a verse in French is easily distinguishable as comely or uncomely.

I heard Miss Plinlimmon asking: "Would you care to see him that is, dear, if you feel strong enough? His expression is wonderfully tranquil." She led me upstairs and opened the door for me.