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Only when one does a good deed he must not expect to be repaid in exactly his own coin." "Did Mr. Scates offer to repay you?" "He did, and I told him to give it to some poor fellow who needed it." "Quincy, I don't know which to admire most. Your good heartedness, or your ability to make one sum of money perform many good actions."

Spending his nights in wine-shops most frequently, and lodging in them, among men without a roof, without faith or honor, he could find persons easily to undertake any task, and still more easily others who, if they sniffed coin on his person, would begin, but when they had received earnest money, would extort the whole sum by threatening to deliver him to justice.

"Bishop," he said, "ever' now and then it comes over me ag'in, comes over me the old dare-devil feelin'." He held up his pistol: "All week I've missed somethin'. Last night I fingered it in my sleep." He pressed it tenderly. "Jes' you say the word," he whispered, "an' in a few hours I'll be back here with the coin. Shipton's bank is dead easy an' he is a money devil with a cold heart."

As for me, I found the poor creature, friendless and lost, and I took pity on him." "Why, then, did you stain his coat?" asked Gabriel. The organ-grinder looked wildly up and down the street. For some reason he felt that a silver coin would not affect the officer of the law to-day. The gentleman-in-waiting pointed sternly at the culprit. "Take him away," he said to the officer.

It's only the variation that is interesting. Now quite the most remarkable turn of the complexities that can be developed is, of course, the well-known instance of the visitor at a club and the rare coin. Of course every one knows that? What?" Rankin smiled in a bored, superior way, but the others protested their ignorance. "Why, it's very well known," said Quinny lightly.

The stench was dreadful, and the prisoners were about thirty, ten of them being soldiers. There were ten or twelve large beds, some benches, no tables, and no chairs. I asked a guard to get me some pens, ink, and paper, and gave him a duro for the purpose. He took the coin smilingly, and went away, but he did not return. When I asked his brethren what had become of him they laughed in my face.

On a coin bearing upon its obverse the inscription Constantinopolis, we see upon the other side a figure of Victory and a cross of four equal arms. On another coin bearing the same legend we see upon the reverse Victory standing upon a ship, and to the left the so-called monogram. Upon another coin we see the same symbol above the wolf and twins of the city of Rome.

Then she turns up her nose because hobos and bums ain't civilized. Did you ever see a ma cat get mad because one of her kittens was born with sore eyes? I guess not. Cats has got sense. Now, what if I don't indignify myself to the extent of crawlin' under that line fence?" "'Course I'll bring you the coin in the mornin'. But if you don't go now, why, I got to quit this job.

It was a small case, or casket, for Lovel could not at the distance exactly discern its shape, which, from the Baronet's exclamation as he opened it, he concluded was filled with coin. "Ay," said the Baronet, "this is being indeed in good luck! and if it omens proportional success upon a larger venture, the venture shall be made.

"I didn't think of that. I got it because I wanted to bring you luck." Then he slipped the coin into an inside pocket of his coat. "Thank you," he said. "But didn't I tell you that you'd brought me something better than luck already?" "What is better than luck?" "An interest in life. And the privilege of being a brother."