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And you asked of me my daughters in marriage for the Infantes, and I did not refuse, in that I would not disobey your command; and you bade me deliver them to my kinsman here Don Alvar Fanez, and he gave them to the Infantes to be their wives, and the blessing was given them in the church of St. Mary, according to the law of Rome.

An article was also inserted, by which Ottocar promised to deliver up to Ladislaus, King of Hungary, all the places wrested from him in that kingdom.

It is a simple Rose, which, gathered by yourself, will deliver you from your exile and restore you to the arms of your fond father." "But there is not a single Rose in the garden. How then can I gather one?" "I will explain this to you another day, Blondine. Now I can tell you no more, as I hear Bonne-Biche coming.

To deliver a hundred dollars by compulsion to him who says "Stand and deliver," or voluntarily to pay the same sum to him who sells you the object of your wishes truly, these are things which cannot be made to assimilate. As well might you say, it is a matter of indifference whether you throw bread into the river or eat it, because in either case it is bread destroyed.

"Monsieur le Baron, it was the coachman who attacked me first; I had to defend myself," stammered Lambernier. "All right, we will see about that later. March on!" "You will deliver me up to the police I am a ruined man!" "That will make one rascal the less," exclaimed Christian, repelling with disgust the workman, who had thrown himself on his knees before him.

Happily my homestead is not comprised within the limits of the colony, and the sentence of banishment is complied with, Philip being here." Hereupon Sir Christopher rose and entered the house, and the soldier took advantage of his absence to deliver the message of Prudence, which, as he had threatened, he colored a little.

It meant not only direct and indirect vengeance upon Neilson and his followers; but it would also, past all doubt, deliver them into his hands. That much was sure.

The cloak and the two thousand ducats will be at your disposal at five o'clock to-morrow morning in the inn at Mantua, so that you may deliver over the money to the Marchese even before the appointed hour. I pledge my solemn oath to fulfil my side of the bargain. I have finished." Suddenly he stood still. The sun was near to setting.

"Count von Martinitz," interposed the Elector haughtily, "I empower you to say to the ambassador extraordinary of his Imperial Majesty, that I give him leave to deliver the Emperor's message to me and to impart to me his Majesty's desires." "Most respected lord and Elector," said Dr.

My Lord, 'tis I, your trusty Trojan, Guzman. what makes you here, Sir, so near the Door of your Mistress? Car. To wait my Doom; what Tidings hast thou, Guzman? Guz. Why, Sir, I went as you directed me, to Don Baltazer's. Car. And didst thou deliver it? Guz. And the first thing I met with was old Francisco. Car. So. Guz.