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And this may stand for another title to her Maiesty: but any of the foresayd titles is as much or more then any other Christian Prince can pretend to the Indies, before such time as they had actuall possession thereof, obtained by the discouery of Christopher Columbus, and the conquest of Vasques Nunnes de Balboa, Hernando Cortes, Francisco Pizarro, and others.

And Mortlake of course, is no very long distance from Twickenham. So it came about. The clock of St. Christopher le Stocks struck five as the two young women entered the market. The Bank of England as we now know it did not then exist. St. Christopher's, hemmed in by houses, occupied the site of the future edifice, as much in appearance like a prison as a bank.

Why should I conceal my real name any longer from such friends as you and your wife? Christie is short for Christopher that IS my Christian name; but my surname is Staines. Write to 'Dr. Staines." "Dr. Staines!" "Yes. Did you ever hear of me?" Falcon wore a strange look. "I almost think I have. Down at Gravesend, or somewhere." "That is curious. Yes, I married my Rosa there; poor thing!

His eyes drank in the boy's face. "So be it," he answered, twinkling. The blue eyes lived in the brown ones; the hands gripped. "My name is Caryll Christopher Caryll." The other nodded over him. "Christopher Caryll, called by his mother Kit: an officer of the Sea Service, eh?" The boy's eyes brightened. "Yes, sir. How did you know?"

Here there may be notation that David K. Udall, still president at St. Johns, is one of the very oldest in seniority in such office within the Church. At Snowflake today the president is Samuel F. Smith, son of Jesse N. Smith, who died in his home town June 5, 1906. 1 Lot Smith, Little Colorado 3 Samuel F. Smith, Snowflake 5 Christopher Layton, St. Joseph

But Christopher burst out weeping and hid his face on his father's shoulder; and then he said, "I will go." And the Abbot said, "Baron, you are a man of war, and yet shall you be proud of this your son; he shall win victories indeed, but in his own field nay, I doubt not that he will do your house great service and honour."

I give and bequeath unto my sister Elizabeth Wellyfed £40, three goblets without a cover, a mazer, and a nut. Item. Item. Item. I give and bequeath to my niece Alice Wellyfed, to her marriage, £20. And if it happen her to die before marriage, then I will that the said £20 shall remain to her brother Christopher. And if it happen him to die, the same £20 to remain to Wm.

My lord, you are the rightful Earl of Heathermere!" What foolish words were these? I could only stare, dazed and speechless, at those around me at the mocking face of Captain Rudstone. And he had called me Earl of Heathermere! "It is true!" cried Flora, breaking the spell of silence. "I knew it." "It is madness!" shouted Christopher Burley, whose countenance had turned the color of Parchmont.

No wonder she fell in love with Christopher; no wonder that he, feeling lonely and depressed by the many postponements of his suit at Court, and in need of sympathy and encouragement, fell in these blank summer days into an intimacy that flamed into a brief but happy passion.

She had kept faith with him about five weeks, no more. The grocer's books told a similar tale. The debtor put his hand to his heart, and stood a moment. The very grocer pitied him, and said, "There's no harry, doctor; a trifle on account, if settlement in full not convenient just now. I see you have been kept in the dark." "No, no," said Christopher; "I'll pay every shilling."

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