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Other alterations in the language of the Quakers they address one another by the title of friends and others by the title of friends and neigbours, or by their common names the use of sir and madam abolished also of master or mister and of humble servant also of titles of honor reasons of this abolition example of Jesus Christ.

"Yes, I had thought of using that title, but I am afraid it is a little too ambitious. To write the history of a literature extending over at least eight centuries would entail an appalling amount of reading; and besides only a few, say a couple of dozen writers out of some hundreds, are of the slightest literary interest, and very few indeed of any real aesthetic value.

In the staff of the commander-in-chief, Hamilton, we are told, acquired the title, "The Little Lion."

I cannot pretend to say who was the author; for his modesty was so great, that he has not inserted his name in the title page.

And though he thought that no magistrates after their nomination should be allowed to absent themselves from the city, but reside in it constantly, to receive their honours in person, a praetor-elect obtained liberty to depart under the honorary title of a legate at large.

They spoke for some time. Julia would have retired to leave the father and his son alone, but the former detained her. "For your sakes alone should I desire to resume my name, and take the title which is lawfully mine," he continued.

"My dear fellow, although as great a vagabond as there is on the face of the earth, yet he is a peer of the realm, and his title warrants the meeting but, after all, what is it?" "I trust it will be nothing, Carbonnell, but still it may prove otherwise."

This magnificent grove of trees, and a monumental fence of cast-iron, were the only excuse for giving the title of chateau to a very commonplace structure, of which the main body presented bare, whitewashed walls, flanked by two small towers on turrets shaped like extinguishers, and otherwise resembling very ordinary pigeon-houses.

"And methinks a Republican should care little for the title, however he might value the estate." "Both both," said the Master, smiling, "would be equally attractive to your countryman. But there are further curious particulars in connection with this claim.

WASHINGTON, March 25, 1824. To the House of Representatives of the United States: In compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 25th of February, requesting information whether the title of the United Brethren for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen to certain sections of land in Ohio has been purchased for the United States, and, if so, to cause a copy of the contract and of the papers relating thereto to be laid before the House, I transmit herewith all the documents required.