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Pets thim animals may be, an' domestic they be, but pigs I'm blame sure they do be, an' me rules says plain as the nose on yer face, 'Pigs Franklin to Westcote, thirty cints each. An' Mister Morehouse, by me arithmetical knowledge two times thurty comes to sixty cints." Mr. Morehouse shook his head savagely. "Nonsense!" he shouted, "confounded nonsense, I tell you!

My friend BOB handed his man-servant some books, to return to the Franklin Library. Noticing, a few minutes afterwards, while passing through the hall, that he was busy carefully wrapping them up in newspaper, he asked him what he was doing that for. 'Och, shure, Mister , I'm afraid, if they say me carr'ing books rouhnd undher me ahrm, they'll be afther tayking me for a maydical student!

Arrangements will be made at the Long Island Base for your transportation to Antarctica. And" he paused and his scowl became deeper "you'd best get used to calling me 'sir' again." "Yessir, Sir Henry, sir." "Thank you, Mister Gabriel," snapped Quill, cutting the circuit. "Selah," said Mike the Angel.

The Reverend Melancthon Browning had just collected two dollars from Chung for the foreign missionary fund. Usually the cook was a cheerful giver, but this morning he was grumbling a little. He had been a loser at hop toy the night before. "Mister Blowning he keep busy asking for dollars. He tell me givee to the Lord. Gleat smoke, Lord allee timee bloke?" The girl laughed.

She waited until Nekhludoff had swallowed the mouthful he was chewing, and then said: "You must be very tired and hungry." "Not particularly. Are you? Have you been to the exhibition?" he asked. "No, we postponed it. But we went to play lawn tennis at the Salamatoff's. Mister Crooks is really a remarkable player."

"That's right!" called a shrill, scared woman's voice. "That's right, Mister!" "No!" Peter answered steadily. "It's the wrongest thing that ever was God help you poor women!" Then a burst of hand-clapping, unforced by the faithful hirelings from New York, ran unexpectedly through the house. Peter told how easy it had been to find out what was choking the life out of Hunston.

"Never say die, Mister Charles," replied Jacques, taking up the axe from the bottom of the canoe; "it's quite clear that cuttin' through the trees is easier than cuttin' through the bushes, so here goes."

Although the conduct of his mistress troubled him at times very much he was intensely loyal to her, and he instantly caught the meaning of this aspersion against her. "Now, look h'yar, Aun' Patsy," he exclaimed, "wot you talkin' 'bout? Wot ole miss got to do wid Mister Crof' sprainin' he ankle?

Beasley performed the ceremony with intentional elegance, while the boy's great eyes swept glowingly from his cousin's face to mine and back again. I bowed and shook hands with the air, once to my left and once to my right. "And Simpledoria!" cried Mister Swift. "You'll enjoy Simpledoria." "Above all things," I said. "Can he shake hands? Some dogs can." "Watch him!"

"You were a friend of our son's, and my wife and I " "Plain Mister O'Farrell it is," the other broke in. "Thanks, it would be a pleasure to stay, but it's best to refuse, I'm sure, for my sister's sake. You see by her dress what her work has been, and she's on leave because she's tired out.

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