Perhaps it is another friend in trouble, and I had best see," and, calling to the coachman to stop the horses, he jumped out. Almost at the same instant a man stumbled out of the allée and ran down the boulevard. Beaufort would have followed him, but, as he started to do so, he heard his name called and, looking back, saw another man emerge from the allée and gaze down the almost deserted street.

Now, you would likee a pretty oil painting, big picture, allee samee that?" pointing to the photograph. Sing's face was a picture of indifference, and he said, "Me no care." "What! not care for beautiful oil painting?" cried Mattie, desperately, seeing Will's eyes twinkling with fun and triumph. "Well, there is something in the world that you think pretty, isn't there Sing?"

Gail thought he might have left it there by mistake and would come back after it. But I don't." "Maybe he left it to pay for taking the cake," suggested Allee, who had joined the excited group in the hall. "He never took the cake," Peace asserted stoutly. "But I don't think he will ever come back for his money, either. He wouldn't have left it in the dishes if he hadn't meant it for us.

"To pick me a pair of shoes in Mr. Hardman's strawberry patch," answered Peace, quickening her pace. "Oh, don't hurry so fast. I'll go, too. But s'posing he won't let us pick berries for him?" "I ain't s'posing any such thing. We've picked strawberries before. Why, Allee knows how. Anyone with sense can do a thing like that!" "Is are you going to take Allee along if he should give us the job?"

I have already stated that, under the consulate, he had his meetings in a small house in the allee des Veuves; and after he became Emperor, such meetings still took place outside the chateau; and to these rendezvous he went incognito at night, exposing himself to all the chances that a man runs in such adventures.

Then she let go of the knob with a jerk, wheeled toward Cherry and whispered, "Just as I 'xpected! That man has got a drumstick and he just gave Allee one. He's stuffing her for all he's worth. First thing we know, she will be sick." "Yes, and you banged that door, too, so they must have heard you," said Cherry indignantly. "Maybe 'twill hurry them up. I don't see how I can wait."

Ching it was, and the men sent up a cheer as out pursuers grappled the side of our boat, held on, and our messenger came on board smiling. "Velly muchee big job you catchee," he said. "Why, what fo' you lun along so fast?" "Why, Ching," cried Mr Brooke, "what does this mean?" "No get away. Muchee velly bad man. No get to boat. Allee fightee. Get 'nother boat, and come along."

It is the seat of the Freidrich Wilhelm University, and contains about 26,000 inhabitants. The Poppelsdorfer Allee, an excellent quadruple avenue of fine horse-chestnuts, three quarters of a mile long, is the principal promenade of the town. In the Münsterplatz stands a fine bronze statue of Beethoven, a celebrated German musician, who was born in the Bonngasse, No. 515.

It was late in the afternoon and Peace and Allee were standing by the window watching the sinking sun, when a ragged, stooped, old man trailed down the quiet street with a battered, wheezy, old hand-organ strapped to his back and a wizened, wistful-eyed, peaked-faced child at his heels.

In France, for instance, the sculptured rock-tombs of the valley of the Petit Morin show, some a human figure, some an axe, and some a combination of the two. This same juxtaposition of the two also occurs on a slab which closed the top of a corbelled chamber at Collorgues in Gard. A simple allée couverte at Göhlitzsch in Saxony has on one of its blocks an axe and handle engraved and coloured red.