He laughed, and his laugh jarred uncannily upon the deathly stillness of the court. It was all so grotesque, such a mockery of justice administered by that wistful-eyed jack-pudding in scarlet, who was himself a mockery the venal instrument of a brutally spiteful and vindictive king. His laughter shocked the austerity of that same jack-pudding.

Now when Beltane's mighty hunger was assuaged he sat his aching head yet ringing with the blow and stared up at the moon, sad and wistful-eyed as one full of heaviness the while Black Roger standing beside him gazed askance at the archer who sat near by whistling softly and busied with certain arrows, cleaning and trimming them ere he set them back in his quiver.

The men shut up their jackknives, and surrounded the horse trough to souse their faces in the cold, hard water, and in a few moments the table was filled with a merry crowd, and a row of wistful-eyed youngsters circled the kitchen wail, where they stood first on one leg and then on the other, in impatient hunger.

It was late in the afternoon and Peace and Allee were standing by the window watching the sinking sun, when a ragged, stooped, old man trailed down the quiet street with a battered, wheezy, old hand-organ strapped to his back and a wizened, wistful-eyed, peaked-faced child at his heels.

You must do something. She's coming!" And the receiver clicked sharply into place. Five minutes later Marie was called to the telephone. Dejectedly, wistful-eyed, she went.

The pressure was severe and became crushing as the holidays approached. The tree for the Sunday-School had long since been given up, but Christmas Eve a forlorn group of wistful-eyed children gathered in the church and spoke Christmas pieces and sang Christmas carols, with longing gaze fixed on the empty corner where was wont to be the shining tree.

The boy sat, wistful-eyed and silent, watching the trees and houses flit by. The sun had long ago set, but it was not dark, for the moon was round and bright, and the sky was cloudless. Where the road forked sharply the man drew his horses to a stop. "Well, I'm sorry, but I guess I'll have to drop you here, friends.

Promptly Molly dragged the girl off to their room. She looked slighter and more wistful-eyed and bored to death. "You promised me that we would go early in March, if I stayed out here you promised, Malise. And I've stayed. You promised we'd go to The Bay, where there are people and hotels and it's gay. And it's March now. You look so tall and cold, Malise! what's the matter?"

"How ridiculous you are!" she laughed. "And how perfectly content!" he added. "Is anyone ever quite content?" she sighed, glancing down at him, wistful-eyed. "Not unless they have found Arcadia," he answered. "Have you then?" "Yes," he nodded complacently, "oh yes, I've found it." "Are you sure?" "Quite sure!" "Arcadia!" she repeated, wrinkling her brows, "what is Arcadia and where?"

With the love of one powerful to protect her from life's ills, means to lavish upon the wistful-eyed child who had grown each day deeper into her affections, and a firm, trusting faith in the guidance of One who ruleth over the world He has created, a faith that had kept her from despair in the darkest hour, and made her young life beautiful; with hope beckoning, with smiling eyes, to the crowning glory of womanhood, this girl, who had suffered so much from fate, ought to have been content and happy.