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With these words he went down the avenue whistling the air of a melody that Kathleen had sung the night before. Sylvia had studied her plans with the greatest care, and she put them into action when they were safely arrived at the strip of beach that lies beyond the river bar. "You and Granny prefer to be alone," she told Kathleen.

Seemingly he was well pleased, and he must certainly have judged us out of ear-shot of all our enemies; for throughout the rest of our night-march he beguiled the way with whistling of many tunes, warlike, merry, plaintive; reel tunes that made the foot go faster; tunes of my own south country that made me fain to be home from my adventures; and all these, on the great, dark, desert mountains, making company upon the way.

"I heard that whistle too," he said. "But it was a mountain-boy." He was right. At a curve in the road, they met a young Swiss lad who went by them with a smile and salute, and fell to whistling again when he had passed. Isabel pressed on in silence. She had started in feverish haste, but her speed was gradually slackening.

I was reckless; I knew not what was mine, and cared not: I must take what I could get and give as I was able; to rob and to squander seemed the complementary parts of my new destiny. I walked up Bush Street, whistling, brazening myself to confront Mamie in the first place, and the world at large and a certain visionary judge upon a bench in the second.

The wind seemed to assail her from every side, but she had accustomed herself to defy the elements, and she only hugged her sealskin jacket closer to her, and quickened her pace, chirruping and whistling to Ahab and Ariadne, the two fox-terriers which she had selected for the privilege of a walk.

All the chirping and whistling from the fields and trees are then but the practice of the hour. When the meadowlark sings on a fence-rail she but cons her lesson from the stars. It is on such a bright Spring morning that the housewife, duster in hand, throws open her parlor window and looks upon the street.

Bardell had got company. Mr. Weller knocked at the door, and after a pretty long interval occupied by the party without, in whistling a tune, and by the party within, in persuading a refractory flat candle to allow itself to be lighted a pair of small boots pattered over the floor-cloth, and Master Bardell presented himself. 'Well, young townskip, said Sam, 'how's mother?

She walked away and silently seated herself opposite her father, compressing her lips for affront. Contrary to his habits Mayakin ate slowly, stirring his spoon in his plate of cabbage-soup for a long time, and examining the soup closely. "If your obstructed mind could but comprehend your father's thoughts!" said he, suddenly, as he sighed with a sort of whistling sound.

The battle blazed up with a suddenness and violence that astonished Harry. The air was filled in an instant with the whistling of shells and bullets. He heard many cries. Men were falling all around him, but so far he and Dalton were untouched.

We all ceased pulling, and listened intently; but the noise of the waves and the whistling of the winds were all the sounds we heard. "What's that floating on the water?" said one of the men, suddenly. "Where away?" cried every one eagerly. "Right off the lee-bow there, don't you see it?" At that moment a faint cry came floating over the black water, and died away in the breeze.