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No one but the king could comprehend this; his sympathetic soul was touched by every emotion of his young officer, and he had pity for every pang he inflicted. All this vast crowd of men had taken leave of those they loved and cherished. Trenck alone had been denied this solace.

"There is danger around the Countess," was the answer instantly written down; "but there is much more in your own purpose." "How? what? what know you of my purpose?" said Julian, forgetting, in his surprise, that the party he addressed had neither ear to comprehend, nor voice to reply to uttered language.

Two opposite views may be taken when met by such questions as these. The one will adhere to what the senses perceive and what the understanding, relying on these senses, is able to comprehend. This view will admit no problem in the fact that one man is born fortunate and the other unfortunate.

He stated that the white man had arrived for the purpose of ascertaining what rivers and lakes existed in the country, though, as he observed, it was difficult to comprehend why he wished to gain such information.

He smiled a little, after a fashion she did not wholly comprehend. "My dear Lady Carfax! You underrate friendship when you say a thing like that. Sit down, won't you? And let me tell you what brought me here." "Nap told you " she hazarded. "Yes, Nap told me. And I decided I had better come at once. I wasn't in when he got back, or I should have been here sooner.

To trace the finger of God in the works of creation, to consider "the wonders that He doeth amongst the children of men," has ever been a source of the purest and noblest gratification, that moral gratification which a well-framed mind naturally experiences in contemplating Infinite Power working out the dictates of Infinite Goodness, that intellectual satisfaction which attends upon our being allowed, even imperfectly, to comprehend some small part of the designs of Infinite Wisdom.

This disposition sometimes threw me into a state of absolute amazement. I could not comprehend, for instance, why Mrs.

I sat silent, still too much under the shadow of my great loss to comprehend the full bearing of his words. "Did you put it to Cludde?" he asked suddenly. "I did, sir, with all the force of which I was capable. I begged him to acquiesce in the known wishes of our friend, to accept the draft of the will here it is taken 'down by myself from his lips.

"And under what obligations M. Moriaz will be to me!" Turning towards Samuel he exclaimed: "I am simply a fool; I imagined Ah! I comprehend, your mistress is Poland; this is delightful, and it is truly a union that is as sacred as marriage. It has, besides, this advantage that it interferes with nothing else.

The startled islanders sprang from their mats; the news was quickly communicated to them; and the next moment I was making my way to the Ti on the back of Kory-Kory, and surrounded by the excited savages. All that I could comprehend of the particulars which Mow-Mow rehearsed to his auditors as we proceeded, was that my long-lost companion had arrived in a boat which had just entered the bay.

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