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"Jessie!" and this time there was a shake of the maid's shoulder, and she jumped up, looking startled. "Lor, Miss Kitty, how you frightened me!" "You were asleep." "Sleep? Me, miss? That I'm sure I wasn't." "You were, Jessie, and I heard father tell you to sit up till Cousin Lindon came home." "Well, that's what I'm a-doin' of, miss, as plain as I can," said Jessie.

Just as I was beginning to hope that the mate would come out calmer, for I heard him knocking away at something in the hold, and work is good for him, there came up the hatchway a sudden, startled scream, which made my blood run cold, and up on the deck he came as if shot from a gun, a raging madman, with his eyes rolling and his face convulsed with fear. "Save me!

The community was startled by the announcement that a citizen who did not wish his name to be known had made a free gift of a large sum of money it was in tens of thousands to an institution of long standing and high character in the city of which he was a quiet resident. The source of such a gift could not long be kept secret.

The message that now startled my ears began with an exact answer to that trans-abysmal despatch: "My son, the thought of your death fills me with happiness. Surely you will come to this wonderful and unspeakable world, you will see me again, and I you, but under such new circumstances! My heart yearns for you immeasurably. Come! Come quickly!

Supposing I were crossing ice, which came right in my way, which I had good reasons for considering sound, and which I saw numbers before me crossing in safety, and supposing a stranger from the bank, in a voice of authority and in an earnest tone, warned me that it was dangerous, and then was silent I think I should be startled, and should look about me anxiously, but I think too that I should go on, till I had better grounds for doubt; and such was my state, I believe, till the end of 1842.

Dalton," said the Judge, "saying they were going. It was rather sudden, and he was sorry. Nice fellow. He liked to come over and look at my birds." Bob Flippin's eyes twinkled. "I reckon he liked to look at a pretty girl " The Judge stared at him. "At Becky?" Flippin nodded. "Didn't you know it?" "Bless my soul." The Judge was unquestionably startled. "But I don't know anything about him.

I would rather die, even now you will think I am always ready for dying but I would rather die than live to think and feel about love like some women ay, and not bad women either, whom I have known." Mrs. Grey had gone on, hardly considering what she was saying or to what it referred, till she was startled to feel fixed upon her her husband's earnest eyes.

He drew a hand to his forehead and placed a finger on the scar. "I got that seven years ago. It killed a half of Derwent Conniston, the part that should have lived. Do you understand? Until tonight " Her eyes startled him, they were growing so big and dark and staring, living fires of understanding and horror. It was hard for him to go on with the lie. "For many weeks I was dead," he struggled on.

She stared unseeingly at the street lights for a moment, then broke out as a new thought occurred to her: "But see here, Kirk, don't the collectors live in Colon?" "I don't know," he replied, startled and flattered by her first use of his given name. "I'll look it up to-morrow. You know I Mr. Cortlandt and I will be in Panama, and I prefer to have you here. You see, we can do more for you."

It was comparatively an easy thing to write out charitable bequests in a will to give money for good uses when no longer able to hold possession thereof; but to lessen his valued treasure by taking anything therefrom for others in the present time, was a thing the very suggestion of which startled into life a host of opposing reasons.