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They seldom laughed or twinkled and the nose that kept them company was equally sedate, being purely aquiline, but a mouth with dimpled corners upset the scheme entirely, while ripples of golden brown hair completed the picture of a healthy, happy youngster not radiantly beautiful but what people like to call "winsome," which is after all as good a word as most.

Lord Borrodaile's eyes twinkled. 'Is that so? he said, indulgent to a mood which hardly perhaps made for dispassionate appraisement. 'You don't believe it! said Mrs. Heriot. 'Of course not! 'I was only thinking what a fillip it gave acquaintance to be in doubt whether a person was a sinner or a saint. 'It wouldn't for me, said Jean. 'Oh, you see, you're so Scotch. He was incorrigible!

"You've done one big thing. An' it's the thing Bull and I want " "Then why in hell didn't you say it instead of talking notions?" For all the sharpness of his retort, Skert was mollified. Bat shook his head and a shrewd light twinkled in his eyes. "You're a pretty bright boy, Skert," he said. "But you're brightest when you're riled."

"The confession isn't necessary," she replied. "It's written all over you. You're the type of successful man who gets what he wants. I don't mean to say that you are incapable of kindly instincts." And her eye twinkled a little. "I'm very grateful for that concession, at any rate," he declared. "There might be some hope for you if you fell into the hands of a good woman," said Mrs. Holt.

Picking our way across the moor, we directed our course for the bright point which twinkled in the distance; and as we advanced we hazarded a thousand conjectures as to whence it could come. If it were a human dwelling, what sort of being could it be who, not content with living in the heart of this wilderness, had chosen a spot so far removed from the ordinary tracks which crossed it?

The eyes of the girl were shining with a happiness such as she had never known before, and Buck sat with head erect, and the light of a great purpose in his eyes. For a while they rode thus. Then the man's eyes twinkled with a sudden thought. For a moment he glanced at the golden head so close beside him. Then he smiled. "Say, little Joan," he cried, "guess you're that gal-hero after all."

As he joined Belle, she said, "Here, Jim, help me down; I want a word with the Deacon." Jim stammered, "I well ah " She paid no attention, but said, "Now lead the horses over there." When he was safely away, she entered. The Deacon's eyes twinkled. "Good afternoon, Two Strikes, you people have made a great killing." "Yes," she said calmly; "I've come for my share."

One of the striped squirrels came down from a bough overhead, and stopped just in front of the place where Archie sat. Archie looked at him; he looked at Archie. The squirrel put its paws together and rubbed its nose. It chippered a minute, twinkled its bead-like eyes, then, with a final flick of its tail, it was off, and up the tree again like a flash. Archie looked after it delighted.

Soon the stars twinkled forth, and they awoke a new interest. At first they appeared one by one, as if timidly venturing to look down upon our beautiful planet, and when fully assured that the king of day had disappeared, they came forth faster and more numerously, till the whole heavens were bespangled with their glittering brightness.

Then a few lights twinkled in the darkness that enveloped the cabins; a woman's laugh strangely broke the silence, profaning it, giving the lie to that somber yoke which seemed to consist of the very shadows; the voices of men were heard, and then the slow clip-clop of trotting horses on the hard trail.

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