"Why, sir," replied the benevolent young wit, "she's betther than I am. She can swallow more, sir." "Not of larnin', Thady; there you've the widest gullet in the parish." "My father's the richest man in it, Masther," replied Thady. "I think, sir, my! gullet and his purse are much about the same size wid you." "Thady, you're first-rate at a reply; but exceedingly deficient in the retort courteous.

I do not like them sensible, and I do not like them old; I don't like social distinctions of any kind, and the mere fact of youth is so wonderful to me that I would sooner talk to a young man for half an hour than be cross examined by an elderly Q.C." Everyone smiled at this retort. "Had you chambers in St. James's Place?" "Yes, from October, '93, to April, '94."

Maurice, seeing an opportunity to retort her sermon to him, immediately took her up: "How is this, little sister? you are anxious to have people fight, and you speak disrespectfully of war!" She turned and faced him, valiantly as ever: "It is true; I abhor it, because it is an abomination and an injustice. It may be simply because I am a woman, but the thought of such butchery sickens me.

The retort, so he informed Madame Hanska, made him laugh immoderately. Perhaps; but the laugh must have been somewhat forced what the French call "yellow." In the Monography, men of letters, baptized by the novelist gendelettres one of the few words coined by Balzac which have become naturalized may be divided into several categories.

A good many of the hotel guests had finished dinner by that time, but twenty or thirty were still at their tables in the big dining-room, which seemed to me absolutely palatial after my "glass retort."

Robert was the eldest child, aged eight. "Oh!" breathed Edward Henry. He might have inquired what the nurse was for; he might have inquired how his mother meant to get her tea. But he refrained, adding simply, "What's up now?" And in retort to his wife's "your," he laid a faint emphasis on the word "now," to imply that those women were always inventing some fresh imaginary woe for the children.

'Stand farther off, beggar! The order was shouted in broken Hindustani by one of the hillmen. 'Huh! 'Since when have the hill-asses owned all Hindustan? The retort was a swift and brilliant sketch of Kim's pedigree for three generations. 'Ah! Kim's voice was sweeter than ever, as he broke the dung-cake into fit pieces. 'In my country we call that the beginning of love-talk.

Anyhow, sneaking, or not, I'll do it." "If you do tell Somers, look out for yourself that's all." "I'm not afraid," was the brief retort. Harpour knew that he meant what he said, and, being now desperate, he got up half an hour earlier next morning to try and extort from him, by main force, a promise to hold his tongue about the affair of the night before.

"I am under a flag of truce, Sir Godfrey," said Fred, quietly. "I thought the Royalist party were gentlemen, and knew the meaning of such a sign." "Ha, ha, ha!" laughed the tall Cavalier by the general's side. "That's a good sharp retort for you, Markham. Well done, youngster! Don't be afraid."

To assure them, after his fashion, of the harmlessness of Luigi, he seconded him in a contest of wit against Beppo, and the little fellow, now that he had shaken off his fears, displayed a quickness of retort and a liveliness "unknown to professional spies and impossible to the race," said Agostino; "so absolutely is the mind of man blunted by Austrian gold. We know that for a fact.