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"Oh, really?" blandly. "Believe he has lived in Minneapolis for quite some time, though. Learned his trade there. And I will say he's bright, some ways. Reads a lot. Pollock says he takes more books out of the library than anybody else in town. Huh! He's kind of like you in that!" The Smails and Kennicott laughed very much at this sly jest. Uncle Whittier seized the conversation.

The first motor caught and roared. Another ... another ... bedlam now. No longer any shouting, only a waving of hands, a few last minute adjustments as the motors warmed and sent a mighty dust cloud whirling back to obliterate the spot where the hangar had stood. Straight ahead, a fiery red ball rose over a slate-colored hedge. A long flight of ravens crossed directly before the rising sun. Huh!

All the Dean men are marked like that; it's in the blood. It don't mean a thing." He smiled winningly. "I reckon if you're beginning to scold me you're going to marry me, huh?" Something very sweet and womanly leaped in Annie's blue eyes. "I I reckon I am," she said, and then confessed herself a brave adventurer and philosopher in one.

Old Man Curry fell to combing his beard, and Shanghai retreated to the tackle-room where he found Little Mose. "The boss, he pullin' his whiskehs an' cookin' up a job on somebody," remarked the hostler. "Huh!" grunted Mose. "It's time he 'uz doin' somethin'! Betteh not leave it all to Sol'mun!"

An' Hopewell Huh! him sittin' up there fiddlin' " It seemed to Janice as though a spirit of criticism had entered into all the Poketownites. There was Walky Dexter scoffing at her Uncle Jason; and here was Selectman Moore criticising the father of little Lottie. Yet neither critic, as far as Janice could see, set much of an example for his townsmen to follow!

"Now what have you been doing these three days?" Mrs. Mortimer demanded. "Usin' my head," he boasted quietly. "Killin' two birds with one stone; an', take it from me, I killed a whole flock. Huh! I got word of it at Lawndale, an' I wanta tell you Hazel an' Hattie was some tired when I stabled 'm at Calistoga an' pulled out on the stage over St. Helena.

And I'm going to kiss you!" He let her, salving his slight annoyance thereat with the thought that no one could see. "But don't say anythin' t' the Father 'r One-Eye about me bein' beautiful," he pleaded. "Will y'? Huh?" She promised she would not.

"Pull that canvas cover off it," said Nick to his comrade who had just come up the ladder. "The blamed thing's all rotten anyway, I guess. Strike a match and find where the switch is. Look out you don't slip in the hole. Look at all the confetti and stuff," he added hurriedly, as the tiny flame of the match illuminated a small area of the little cupola. "War's over, huh?"

"We hadn't gone more than four miles before we saw in the trail the deep cut of a wagon-track that struck in from a side-trail that led to an eastern lumber-town. "'Huh! Must be pretty heavy pulling for the horses, said Dean, knowing that it would take a heavy load to make the wheels sink down so far in the soft soil. "'Were they here yesterday, when you came by? I asked.

What a day this has been!" "I've rather enjoyed it," murmured Dave, as he sank into the chair on the opposite side of the study table. "Huh! You have liberal ideas, then, about enjoyment. How many hundred rules are you going to commit to memory tonight? "I don't know," returned Dave. "But I do know that my head is in a big whirl, and that I'm going to rest it for a few minutes.

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