If one reads Cowper, Blake, Burns and Wordsworth, to say nothing of poets like Byron and Shelley who wrote in the full Romantic tide of feeling, one finds that this poetry has discovered new themes. It portrays the child, the peasant, the villager, the outcast, the slave, the solitary person, even the idiot and the lunatic.

I must now trudge two miles to the village, through rain and mud knee-deep, after that accursed proof-sheet. The book reads very well in proofs, but I don't believe it will take like the former one. The preliminary chapter was what gave 'The Scarlet Letter' its vogue." The engraving he refers to in this letter was made from a portrait by Mr.

He promised them power; He gave them exile, and any one who reads the old testament is compelled to say that nothing could add to their misery. Let us be honest. How do you account for this religion? This world; where did it come from? You hear every minister say that man is a religious animal that religion is natural.

When he reached the gate, a man from within roughly demanded his business. "I wish to see the leader of this party," said Clarence quietly. "I reckon you do," returned the man, with a short laugh. "But I kalkilate HE don't return the compliment." "He probably will when he reads this note to his employer," continued Clarence still coolly, selecting a paper from his pocketbook.

All through the chroniclings of the monotonous daily life is the cry: "The all-alone feeling will creep over me. It is such a fast after the feast of great presences to which I have been so long accustomed." During these days she reads Adam Bede, and thus writes Mrs. Stanton: I finished Adam Bede yesterday noon.

“A twelve-pounderechoed Benjamin, staring around him with much confidence; “a twelve-pounder! ay! a twenty-four-pound shot can easily be taken from a man’s body, if so be a doctor only knows how, There’s Squire Jones, now, ask him, sir; he reads all the books; ask him if he never fell in with a page that keeps the reckoning of such things

"Some games we can play," says he. "Then again, seems like there's others we can't. Now about the kid " "She's busy all the time," says I to him. "She reads and paints. Sundays she goes to church, while you and me only put on a collar that hurts. Week days she goes down to the picture galleries and into the liberry. She buys books.

The history of these trench campaigns will have a forbidding interest to the student of the future; for, as he reads of the battles on the Aisne, the Somme, of Verdun and Flanders, he will have spread out before him photographs of the battlefields themselves, just as they were at different phases of the struggle.

Great-grace visibly 'tumbles hills about with his words. Adam the First has his condemnation written visibly on his forehead, so that Faithful reads it.

It also reads, by a very slight change in the Hebrew, in verse 3, 'he was afraid, for 'he saw, which is possibly right, as giving his motive for escape more distinctly.