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When recalling early playgoing days in "Old China," Lamb refers again to this play Viola in Illyria. Whitfield, Packer, Benson, Burton, Phillimore and Barrymore. Whitfield, who made his London début as Trueman in "George Barnwell" about 1776, was a useful man at Covent Garden and Drury Lane. He acted at Drury Lane until 1805. Benson, who married a sister of Mrs.

These Calabrian conditions are only part of a general change of climate which seems to have taken place all over Italy; a change to which Columella refers when, quoting Saserna, he says that formerly the vine and olive could not prosper "by reason of the severe winter" in certain places where they have since become abundant, "thanks to a milder temperature."

"These allusions to the past are all painful to her," he thought, "and she refers to them only because, as she says, her conscience compels her to. It must be my task to make her forget the past in the present and future." "Mr. Van Berg," she said, returning, "you have visited the Jordan I believe, but I doubt whether its waters did you more good than that little brook over there does me.

It signifies belief, and refers to testimony either human or divine; but is restricted in its evangelical use to the latter.

It does not seem, at that period, that much apprehension of malaria was felt.* * Judge James refers to this place as Peyre's, not Payne's, plantation, and notes "It appears now there was very little sickness at that day." In a footnote, he goes on to say: "Very soon after the revolutionary war, this scene was entirely changed.

Some texts read panam for na cha. Pravaras indicate the race in which one is born. They are named from the names of the Vedic Rishis. The commentator explains that ayonim implies of unknown birth and viyonim of mean birth. Brahmanih here refers to the rituals in the Vedas and not persons of the first order. The fact is, one is directed to bathe after a shave.

Ah! but this refers to men, not to children. What are children but men in embryo? Why be unjust to them, and just to man. I say rewards are necessary in a sound system of education to little children; if judiciously selected and properly applied, they will be found incentives to action, and add greatly to the pleasure of learning.

Many a Cossack had mowed and reaped; many a Cossack, more enterprising than the rest, had set off upon an expedition. Flocks of ducks were already crowding the marshes, but there was not even a hint of improvement. "To pour out fear" refers to a practice resorted to in case of fear.

It was derived from patriarchal times; it was offered twice daily, besides frequently on other occasions; and in its significance it expressed the complete consecration which should be the habitual state of the true worshipper. Its name literally means 'that which ascends, and refers, no doubt, to the ascent of the transformed substance of the sacrifice in fire and smoke, as to God.

"My sister refers to the permission which has been granted to us to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel," he said gravely. "It is a privilege we never enjoyed till last year." Laura made no reply. "Shall I slip away?" she thought, looking round her. But at that moment Mr. Helbeck lifted the heavy latch of the chapel door; and her young curiosity was too strong for her.