Could any one have looked into futurity and traced the difficult path, my master was to tread, could any one have foreseen the end to which he must soon come, and related it to him in the days of his greatness and prosperity, he would, I am certain, have turned from such a narrator of misfortune in a greater rage than did Namaan when the man of God told him "to go and dip seven times in the Jordan."

A happiness so deep that it found its expression that way, filled her with awe. It must be the kind of happiness that people felt when they reached "the shining shore, the other side, of Jordan," and their loved ones came down to welcome them "into their desired haven." That last phrase came to her lips like a bit of remembered music and unconsciously she repeated it aloud.

Jordan is not needed, except as a pleasant addition to our company." They all mounted and rode away. It was a jolly party. Grace and Rose rode with two of the officers; two of the officers' wives were escorted by Sedgwick and Browning. As they rode, Sedgwick kept patting his horse, and in a little while so won his confidence that he was able to rub his whip all about his head.

On the night of the 21st/22nd March, the main crossings of the river were attempted, both at Ghoraniyeh, and a few miles further south at Hajlah, where the Pilgrim Road from Jerusalem reaches the Jordan.

But of the Indian there is no trace. There is a mound in the valley, much like a Tel in the country of Bashan beyond the Jordan, that may have been built by some pre-historic race, and may contain treasure and the seated figure of a preserved chieftain on his slow way to Paradise.

We all have our troubles," and Frank told something of his own irksome, unpleasant life with his fault-finding aunt. It was by slow degrees that Bob Upton livened up and then braced up. No one could help liking Frank Jordan. "You're a cracking good fellow," said the farmer boy at last. "I hope it isn't like the spurts Jeff Upton used to have one day, and wallop me like thunder the next."

We were only one little hour's travel within the borders of Holy Land we had hardly begun to appreciate yet that we were standing upon any different sort of earth than that we had always been used to, and see how the historic names began already to cluster! Dan Bashan Lake Huleh the Sources of Jordan the Sea of Galilee. They were all in sight but the last, and it was not far away.

When the solemnities of Easter are concluded the pilgrims move off in a body to complete their good work by visiting the sacred scenes in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem, including the wilderness of John the Baptist, Bethlehem, and above all, the Jordan, for to bathe in those sacred waters is one of the chief objects of the expedition.

You are going to be the first to see it when it is finished. You’ll be the first, little Agnes, just wait. What have we got to eat on this holy evening?” asked Jordan, turning with fear and trembling to Philippina. “Cold hash and broiled meal-beetles,” said Philippina scornfully. “And ... and ... no letter from Daniel?” he asked in a sad voice, “nothing, nothing at all?”

Our heroine thought, recollected there was something, whatever it was, that she knew after all much more of than Mrs. Jordan. She saw him again as she had seen him come that morning to recover the telegram she saw him as she had seen him leave the shop. She perched herself a moment on this. "Oh there was nothing public." "Not exactly public no. But there was an awful scare and an awful row.