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The address reported by this committee was printed in New Haven on a small half-sheet with double columns, and ten thousand copies were ordered distributed through the state. The issue was fairly before the people.

It became clear that my work in New Haven was ended. I took a commission from the Young Men's Christian Association on West 57th Street to open up meetings in some of the big shops and factories of New York. Mr.

"The Motor Maids are off again," announced the West Haven Courier one morning, as if every citizen in the gray old town on the coast was not already well aware of it. The four famous travelers and their chaperone, Miss Helen Campbell, were always off somewhere in the red motor car.

Maws and Pendennis are two fortifications placed at the points or entrance of this haven, opposite to one another, though not with a communication or view; they are very strong the first principally by sea, having a good platform of guns pointing athwart the Channel, and planted on a level with the water.

As far as Portland and Worcester and Providence the call had then gone forth; and later on the urgent word had been flashed to Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, and New York. The New England cities had loyally responded; their engines and their men were even now scattered along the battle line and doing brave service.

Brazen and Lehman were drowned, but Haven and Lister, together with the sailors, succeeded in reaching a barren rock, where they suffered much from cold and hunger where they must have perished miserably had they not providentially got their boat, which was in tatters, drawn on shore, and with all the woollen clothes and seal skins they could spare, patched it together.

He placed Smith-Oldwick, with his pistol, at the north opening of their haven and told Otobu to stand with his spear at the Englishman's shoulder, while he himself prepared to guard the southern approach. Between them he had the girl lie down in the sand. "You will be safe there in the event that they use their spears," he said.

The graduates of Log College, a very seminary of revivalism, disowned by Philadelphia Presbyterians, found encouragement among New Englanders of East Jersey and New York Presbyterians who had been educated at New Haven. In 1746, men from three colonies, whom the Great Awakening had brought in to closer relations, founded the College of New Jersey, afterwards located at Princeton.

It was of you Professor Sumner wrote me last year; he's an old friend of mine. He said he thought you had a sinewy mind a strong phrase for Sumner." "He never told me that," said Dan, laughing. "He several times implied quite the reverse." "He's a great man Sumner. I suppose you absorbed a good many of his ideas at New Haven." "I hope I did, sir: I believe in most of them anyhow." "So do I, Mr.

Meantime, there are decades of retirement, meditation, and preparation necessary, and she can endure nothing of that sort in this present incarnation, so the parting does not seem imminent! 'She came to consult me about Soul Haven for the twins. I don't think it a wholly bad plan.

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