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Anyhow, there was no way, as far as we could see, of passing you out through that part of the prison, and at last the idea struck us of getting you out the way we did. That wing of the jail is only used for debtors, and they are nothing like so strict on that side as they are on the other.

"Well done!" muttered a woman already settled in a neighbouring seat. "That's one of the Pretenders to the throne of Portugal." Instead of being overawed, Mary found herself laughing in the joy of her triumph. "He can't have this throne, anyhow," she panted, out of breath. Then she noticed that Lord Dauntrey was with her defeated rival.

"Not only would it be impossible for me to do that, but there must not be a word about our engagement. Remember that I have given false information about you. It is not the risk for myself that I mind so much, but there are other things! To-morrow you or I must leave here!" "It shall be I, of course," I answered. "I was going anyhow. Don't lose heart, Adele.

The Royce women were strange, anyhow, people said; with Carrie gone, they hoped Enid would grow up to be more like other folk. She dressed well, came to town often in her car, and was always ready to work for the church or the public library. Besides, in Frankfort, Enid was thought very pretty, in itself a humanizing attribute.

I mean the invasion of the wagon-trains of farmers." "Yes," said Rob, "Alex told us we'd have to go to the Liard River pretty soon, if we wanted any moose or bear; but anyhow, we're here in time, and we want to thank you for helping us have such a pleasant trip. We're going to enjoy the run down the river, I'm sure."

He smiled. "On that ground I ought to like you very much then," he answered. "Perhaps you do," she said cheerfully. "Anyhow I'm sure you like me better than that other girl you were thinking of that good housekeeper. Who is she?" "I like her quite a lot." "I see you think she'd make a good wife." "I think she'd make a good wife to any man who was fortunate enough "

"Sort of fix you up with that permanent residence you were talking about," suggested Steve. "He didn't make good this time, anyhow. I'll bet a hat he'd catch it if Miss Valdés knew what he had been doing." "She may be a Christian and all you say, Dick, but she don't run a Sunday school on her ranch and train these young greasers proper. I don't like this ambushing. They might git the wrong man."

"I've got to give the alarm," went on the life saver. "We need all the help we can get. We're short-handed, anyhow, and two of our men were hurt early this morning trying to launch the surf-boat." "Can't you get some of the fishermen from around here?" asked Joe. "That's what I came for."

He had had long interviews with Dixon about the case already, and knew how reluctant that official was to move in the matter, anyhow; but as soon as he, Guion, was out and about again, all kindly scruples would have to yield. "You'll find," he explained to her, "that the question as to breaking-camp will settle itself then.

"That's just it, my boy. And if we're handed another instrument to play on than the one we WANT to play on, we're apt to to let fly a discord. Anyhow, I am.