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It was as though the young man with his return to the home ranch and to the Dean and their talks and plans for the work again put himself, his personal convictions and his peculiar regard for Patches, aside, and became the unprejudiced foreman, careful for his employer's interests.

As a matter of fact, my name is Mary Gilchrist, although I am usually called 'Gill' by my friends, because my father insists I am so small I represent the smallest possible measure. I have no mother and have spent all my life with my father on our big Wheat ranch in Kansas.

Then they entered the verandah together, and Alice Deringham smiled in a fashion which did not pledge her to any extreme good-will when Alton presented the stranger. "Miss Townshead, from the ranch back yonder," he said. Miss Deringham said something of no importance, and waited with slightly unusual curiosity for the girl's answer, which somewhat astonished her.

The heritage of hatred was about all that McSween left to his widow, who presently married George L. Barber, at Lincoln, and later proved herself to be a good business woman good enough to make a fortune in the cattle business from the four hundred head of cattle John Chisum gave her to settle a debt he had owed McSween. She afterward established a fine ranch near Three Rivers, New Mexico.

"Well, if this little girl has any sense she'll let the past be the past," remarked the optimistic Mrs. Baker. "There's a fellow out our way, Joe Chase; he's got a cattle ranch. You never heard of him? He's a di'mond in the rough, if you ask me, but he's been crazy about Adele ever since she first visited me. He'd give her anything in God's world." "But I think I'd die of loneliness winters!"

We hope you will come." Ben took his boy and went back to his cattle ranch in California, and he returned under very comfortable circumstances. Just before his going, Mr.

The last words were unfortunate. Hospitality in the ranching country is not bought and sold. "You can't pay me nothin'," he said rudely. "But I can bring a light wagon, if you can ride in that, and put you up at the ranch. The old man's soused," he added, as an afterthought, "but it's better than sleepin' out. I won't be long."

Here the young folks left the train, to continue their journey on a side line running northward. "Sorry I am not going further with you," said Dunston Porter, as he kissed his niece and shook hands warmly with the others. "I hope you get to the ranch in safety, and don't forget to send word to me at Spokane as well as to send word home."

Had any one been able to see the two attractive countenances, he would not have had to be told that the same thought was in the mind of each. "I tell you, Jack," said Fred, with impressive solemnity, "it would be a shame; it will never do; we must not allow it." "Allow what?" "Why you heard your father say that he never expected to go out to Wyoming to look at that ranch he has bought."

She added with a queer, dazed realization of the truth: "I've nowhere else to go." "Haven't you any folks?" he asked. "No." "Got tired of Millings?" "Yes very." "I don't blame you! It's not much of a town. You'll like Hidden Creek. And Miss Blake's ranch is a mighty pretty place, lonesome but wonderfully pretty. Right on a bend of the creek, 'way up the valley, close under the mountains.