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But the first state to introduce women's suffrage was Wyoming, which was admitted to the Union a few days after Idaho. This state was formed out of parts of all three of the great territories which had been added to the United States. The east was part of the Louisiana Purchase, the west was part of the Oregon country, and the south part of the Mexican cession.

Every one of them spoke tersely but vividly in the language of the forest. They felt deeply what they had seen, and they drew the same picture for their listeners. Gradually the faces of the Wyoming men became shadowed. This was a formidable tale that they were hearing, and they could not doubt its truth. "It is worse than I thought it could be," said Colonel Butler at last.

Meanwhile the story of Wyoming, to an extent that neither Indians nor woodsmen themselves suspected, was spreading from town to town in the East, to invade thence the whole civilized world, and to stir up an indignation and horror that would make the name Wyoming long memorable.

The South got the small end of the triangle; the North the whole region now occupied by the States of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, the Dakotas, and Montana, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, and Minnesota; and the final struggle over slavery was postponed for thirty years. While the attention of the country was absorbed by the Missouri struggle, a new question of diplomacy had arisen.

"He's from my part of the country Wyoming. He wants to fight any one in the world at a hundred and thirty-three pounds." "We all have our hobbies. Comrade Brady appears to have selected a somewhat exciting one. He would find stamp-collecting less exacting." "It hasn't given him much excitement so far, poor chap," said Billy Windsor.

THE ADIRONDACKS, NEW YORK: Well stocked with white-tailed deer, only. PENNSYLVANIA MOUNTAINS: Contain many deer and black bears, and soon will contain more. NORTHERN MINNESOTA: Deer and moose. NORTHERN MICHIGAN AND WISCONSIN: White-tailed deer. NORTHWESTERN WYOMING: Thousands of elk in fall and winter; a few deer, grizzly and black bears, but no sheep that it would be right to kill.

On her breast was pinned the jeweled flag given to her on her eightieth birthday by the women of Wyoming the first place in the world where in the constitution of the state women were given equal political rights with men. Here the four stars representing the enfranchised states were made of diamonds, the others of silver enamel.

It is because of their numerous adventures and their skill as horsemen that the trio has become known as the Broncho Rider Boys. Their names are Donald Mackay, Adrian Sherwood and William Stonewall Jackson Winkle, better known as "Broncho Billie." This latter name was given him some two years before when he went to visit his cousin Donald at the latter's home on the Keystone Ranch in Wyoming.

Lillie Devereux Blake spoke upon trial by jury; Susan B. Anthony upon taxation without representation, illustrating her remarks by incidents of unjust taxation of women during the present year. Elizabeth Cady Stanton pictured the aristocracy of sex and the evils arising from manhood suffrage. Judge Esther Morris, of Wyoming, said a few words in regard to suffrage in that territory.

Had any one been able to see the two attractive countenances, he would not have had to be told that the same thought was in the mind of each. "I tell you, Jack," said Fred, with impressive solemnity, "it would be a shame; it will never do; we must not allow it." "Allow what?" "Why you heard your father say that he never expected to go out to Wyoming to look at that ranch he has bought."