This was situated halfway up the Zurich Berg, and we were able to enjoy an alfresco meal on the 22nd of May my thirty-ninth birthday with a lovely view of the lake and the distant Alps. Unfortunately a period of incessant rain set in which scarcely stopped throughout the whole summer, so that I had the greatest struggle to resist its depressing influence.

At last they all rose and went away in a body, leaving Margaret with Logotheti. 'I had quite forgotten that it was my birthday, she said, when they were gone. 'I've brought you a little seal, he answered, holding out the intaglio. She took it and looked at it. 'How pretty! she exclaimed. 'It's awfully kind of you to have remembered to-day, and I wanted a seal very much.

"Natalie, you know I shall come out on my eighteenth birthday, and that will be in a very short time; then I can do as I like; but how can I let all of these charming performances of the celebrated Madam Forresti, whose name is in every mouth, pass without hearing her?

We have our way to make in the world, and we feel that it all depends on ourselves. We started out with nothing ahead of us but my ambitions and Billy's energy, and a few hundred dollars which my guardian turned over to me when I married Billy on my twenty-first birthday. As soon as we were married, we came to Virginia.

"Besides, I am sure you wish peace, like the rest of us," said the king, who saw that the veins on Blucher's forehead were swelling, and who wished to forestall too violent a reply. "We have reflected a long while how we might give you a pleasant surprise on your birthday, but it was difficult for us.

The evening of the kingly birthday they wished to show the joy of their hearts by a brilliant illumination. The king still read, and became so absorbed that he did not hear the door gently opened. The tall, slender form of the Marquis d'Argens appeared at the threshold. Overcome with joyful emotions, he remained standing, and gazing with clouded eyes at the king.

Marjory, aghast at what she had done, stood rooted to the spot, expecting him to return the attack; but, to her surprise, he looked at her admiringly and said, "I say, you know, that was jolly good. I never thought a girl could hit like that. I couldn't have done it better myself, and you're only thirteen. I was fourteen last birthday." Marjory began, "I'm so sorry," but Alan stopped her.

There was a moment's pause when Paul ceased speaking, a passing hesitation lest any open manifestation of gladness over the birthday festival of the new Kitty should make their late rector more painfully conscious of the loss of his own little daughter; and with his quick, intuitive sympathy Mr. Curzon understood and appreciated the momentary silence.

In August the Queen and the Prince made one of their yachting excursions to the Channel Islands. The Duchess of Kent's seventy-third birthday was kept at Osborne. During the autumn stay of the Court at Balmoral, the Prince presided over the British Association for the Promotion of Science, which met that year at Aberdeen.

I'm sure you got something for Toots and me to-day because it's our birthday both born on the same day what do you think of that? Any little thing will help us out a lot how about it?" He went outside before the end of this colloquy, but presently saw the woman and her child emerge and walk on disconsolately toward the next studio.