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It is meaningless, then, to ask whether we should be intuitive and spontaneous, or considerate and deliberate. There is no such alternative. We need both dispositions. We should seek to attain a condition of swift spontaneity, of abounding freedom, of the absence of all restraint, and should not rest satisfied with the conditions in which we were born.

The case of memory, however, raises a difficulty, for it is notoriously fallacious, and thus throws doubt on the trustworthiness of intuitive judgements in general. This difficulty is no light one. But let us first narrow its scope as far as possible. Broadly speaking, memory is trustworthy in proportion to the vividness of the experience and to its nearness in time.

We know that what to us in childhood was a mystery, is now simple; that some of the grandest laws of the material world which a few years back were reached only after stupendous labor, are now become intuitive truths; and we can see no reason why the human mind is not capacitated for just such advances eternally; at every ascent sweeping its vision over a broader range of truth, and rising ever nearer that Omniscient Intellect to which all things open.

Germain des Pres. If you like, I'll show you the way." Her relief seemed so genuine, he could have almost believed in it. And yet ! "I shall be very grateful," she murmured. He took that for whatever worth it might assay, and quietly fell into place beside her; and in a mutual silence perhaps largely due to her intuitive sense of his bias they gained the boulevard St. Germain.

Through inspiration one arrives at a knowledge of the relationships between the beings of the higher world, and a further stage of cognition makes it then possible to recognize the inner essential nature of these beings themselves. This stage of cognition is known to occult science as that of intuitive cognition.

"It was sent to me some months ago with the request that I give it to you when I had word to do so. I have had word. Here it is." "I think I'll be going now." Pryor Gaines rose with the words. "Don't go," Jim insisted. "I want you here." So Gaines sat down. Shirley, who was quick in intuitive power, knew instinctively what awaited him.

The trial of intimacy, so difficult to the ablest to stand, and from which even the most' faultless are so rarely acquitted, Miss Belfield sustained with honour. Cecilia found her artless, ingenuous, and affectionate; her understanding was good, though no pains had been taken to improve it; her disposition though ardent was soft, and her mind seemed informed by intuitive integrity.

But if we examine this maxim by the idea of knowledge above-explained, we shall discover in it no mark of any such intuitive certainty; but on the contrary shall find, that it is of a nature quite foreign to that species of conviction. All certainty arises from the comparison of ideas, and from the discovery of such relations as are unalterable, so long as the ideas continue the same.

The author therefore allows something to innate sense, but differs from Shaftesbury, who makes the whole a matter of intuitive determination. His position here is that Self-love is the essence of a Sensible being, Benevolence the essential of an Intelligent being.

Upon detailed descriptions of these uncertain incidents I do not venture, individually so trivial, but taken all together so impressive and so insolent. But the episode of the children, mentioned above, was different. And I give it because it showed how vividly the intuitive child-mind received the impression one impression, at any rate of what was in the air. It may be told in a very few words.