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It is to these continued vicissitudes that are to be ascribed all the phenomena, whether trivial or of magnitude; ordinary or extraordinary; known or unknown; simple or complicated; which are operated in the universe.

Ambitious but trivial, enterprising but cowardly, an intriguer and a dupe, without religious convictions or political principles, save that he was willing to accept any creed or any system which might advance his own schemes, he was the most unfit protector for a people who, whether wrong or right; were at least in earnest, and who were accustomed to regard truth as one of the virtues.

Taking the income of the two stages as L1000 and L2000 respectively, this would work out at about L500,000 a year for Great Britain a quite trivial addition to what is already spent on educational work.

Warren went in to see him often in the evenings, for trivial as his illness was, all the members of his immediate family agreed later that there had been in it, from the beginning, something vaguely alarming and menacing.

Dickson and I were at once surrounded, and I was arrested. Ordinarily the incident would have been trivial enough, but in the alarmed state of the public mind it was magnified into an attempt on the part of George Q. Cannon's sons to take the life of the United States District Attorney.

Also it struck me as odd that he should happen to be present on this occasion, for I have always held that there is nothing casual or accidental in the world; that even the most trivial circumstances are either ordained, or the result of the workings of some inexorable law whereof the end is known by whatever power may direct our steps, though it be not yet declared.

"I am so sorry that you are ill, Lizzie," he said. "Yes, I am ill; sometimes very ill; but what does it matter? I did not send for you, Frank, to speak of aught so trivial as that. I have a favour to ask." "Of course I will grant it." "It is your forgiveness for my conduct yesterday." "Oh, Lizzie!" "Say that you forgive me. Say it!" "How can I forgive where there has been no fault?"

The rule of elimination is a good one to follow in bedroom pictures; no "rogue's gallery" of photographs, no useless, meaningless, and trivial pictures, but just a madonna or two, perhaps a photographic copy of some old master, with a favorite illuminated quotation something to help and quiet and inspire. They will answer, of course, but we want a little more than just answering.

"He is getting better, better, better, and the doctor writes he may be quite himself again," she said, with no salutation whatever, her face a wonder to behold. "I am rejoiced more than I can say, Katrine," he answered. "You have been so good," she replied, gratefully. "Thank you," he said, gravely, and though the words were trivial the manner gave them significance.

Garfield was, with the privilege of an invalid, whose chilly sensation was supposed to be trivial, seated before the fire, the warmth of which was to her pleasant; and she was pale but animated, surrounded by a group among whom were several very dear to her. General Sherman arrived, and was as always when his vivacity was kindly, and it was never otherwise with ladies fascinating.