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Sherman believed that this limited amount of silver could be taken into the currency system without difficulty, but President Hayes thought that harm would result from making the silver dollar a legal tender when the market value of the bullion in the coin was not equal in value to that of the gold dollar. He therefore vetoed the bill on February 28, 1878.

The committee were John Adams, Dr. Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert R. Livingston, and myself. Committees were also appointed, at the same time, to prepare a plan of confederation for the colonies, and to state the terms proper to be proposed for foreign alliance. The committee for drawing the Declaration of Independence, desired me to do it.

The heavy boom of the artillery was followed by the squeak, squeak of Admiral Porter's little tug, as he moved around making his arrangements for the morrow. The sounds were ridiculous by comparison. General Sherman and staff lay on the roots of an old oak-tree, that kept them partly clear of mud. The cold was sharp, my right boot being frozen solid in a puddle in the morning.

The President conferred on him the rank of major-general in the regular army, the highest grade then existing by law; and General McPherson and I shared in his success by receiving similar commissions as brigadier-generals in the regular army. WASHINGTON, August 29, 1868. Major-General W. T. SHERMAN, Vicksburg, Mississippi

After looking about and consulting with friends, among them my classmate Major Stewart Van Vliet, quartermaster at the fort, I concluded to accept the proposition of Mr. Ewing, and accordingly the firm of Sherman & Ewing was duly announced, and our services to the public offered as attorneys-at-law.

That's what I want to know. We are licensed dealers here, and we got to be pertected. Come across, young feller, come across! What's your name?" "Bill Sherman," said Frank, and was sorry as soon as he had said it. But he did not dare retract his words. "So far, so good!" said the man to whom the name meant nothing. "Now, Bill Sherman, where did you get this watch?"

"Shall I wear my best dress, godmother?" asked Betty, "or would it be better to save it for Sunday?" "Let me see it," said Mrs. Sherman, helping her to take it out of the little half-filled trunk. "Oh, you'd better wear it, I think. We may have company." What she saw in that trunk set her to thinking her most godmotherly thoughts.

MAJOR-GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN, Commanding Right Wing: You will proceed, with as little delay as possible, to Memphis, Tennessee, taking with you one division of your present command.

Sherman would like anything better than to have 'em make a stand somewhere so that he could get a good fair whack at 'em." No one can imagine the effect of all this upon us. It was better than a carload of medicines and a train load of provisions would have been. From the depths of despondency we sprang at once to tip-toe on the mountain-tops of expectation.

In thus severing relations which have hitherto existed between us, he thanks all officers and men for their fidelity to the high trust imposed on them during his official life, and will, in his retirement, watch with parental solicitude their progress upward in the noble profession to which they have devoted their lives. W. T. SHERMAN, General. Official: R. C. DRUM, Adjutant-General.

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