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In most of the countries of Europe, when you make a bargain for the carriage, the driver's services are not included in it. He expects a fee besides. "The driver, fifty cents. Half a guilder," said James. "Is that enough for him?" asked Mr. George. "Yes, sir," said James, "that's enough." "We will call it seventy-five cents," said Mr. George. So saying, he wrote seventy-five.

As these were free and independent fellows, whose will and whim were apt to be law who had the whole wilderness before them, "where to choose," and the trader of a rival company at hand, ready to pay for their services it was necessary to bend to their wishes. Captain Bonneville fitted them out, therefore, for the hunting ground in question; appointing Mr.

He came in person; and the interpreter proffered him his services, but the other supposed that he did not need them. He came before the count with a most becoming bow, and said, "Your Excellency!" The count returned the bow, as well as the "excellency." Struck by this mark of honor, and not supposing but that the title was too humble, he stooped lower, and said, "Monseigneur."

If they wish to be electrified by eloquence, let them have a basilica, for the voice of the preacher is lost in high and vaulted roofs. If they wish to join in the prayers and the ceremonies of the altar, let them have the clustering pillars and the purple windows. Everything turns upon what is meant by a church. What is it for? Is it for liturgical services, or is it for pulpit eloquence?

When they returned to the carriage, his lordship felt so much benefited by his ride, and was so much pleased with both donkey and donkey-boy, that he engaged their services for the next afternoon.

"Well, father, if you don't care to, I'll try, if you've no objection," replied Frank, modestly. Mr. Bowser was silent for a moment. He had noted a change in Frank of late, and had been impressed by the increased interest he took in church and Sunday school as proven by the regularity and punctuality of his going off to the services. Had Frank become a Christian like Mr. Lloyd?

It is likely that Governor Andrew regretted his choice three weeks later, when General Butler offered his services to the Governor of Maryland to suppress a slave insurrection which never took place, and of which there was no danger then or afterwards. A sharp correspondence followed between the Governor and the General, in which the latter nearly reached the point of insubordination.

But a single look at Annie assured her that she, at least, felt no misgivings. Still, she did not like to leave them by themselves until she had tested the new attendant's ability. "Annorah," she said, "what sort of work can you do? I'm afraid you are not used to such services as Miss Annie will require." "I can do most anything, ma'am," answered the girl resolutely. "Indeed!

This appeared to him a very extraordinary return for his services, and, imagining that she was unmindful of her weighty obligations to him, he entered into conversation with her, and severely reprimanded her for having sent back his partridges with so much indifference.

At the time in which these persons were preferred, the nation had but newly seen an army, and had, therefore, very few old officers whose experience could be trusted, or whose services required to be rewarded: the ministers were obliged to select those, who, though they did not understand the military sciences, were likely to attain them in a short time, and the event has sufficiently proved, that in the choice no greater regard was paid to interest than to judgment.