"To see if you could get a job there?" "Yes." Fanny did not ask if he had been successful. She sighed, and took another stitch in the wrapper which she was making. That sigh almost drove Andrew mad. "I don't see what has got you into such a habit of sighing," he said, brutally. Fanny looked at him with reproachful anger. "Andrew Brewster, you ain't like yourself," said she. "I can't help it."

It was the voice of his father, who had left his room soon after the expulsion of Andrew, and was at the moment passing near, unobserved by the boy. "Don't care what you do, ha!" repeated Mr. Howland, standing in front of the lad, and looking him sternly in the face. "You've spoken the truth for once!" For nearly a minute Mr.

They were all at the Lake of Galilee again, and Jesus told them to come away with Him into a desert place, and rest awhile. That desert place was near a town called Bethsaida, where Peter, and his brother Andrew, and Philip lived once upon a time. Jesus and His disciples got into a boat as quietly as they could, and went away.

Andrew walked squarely out into the middle of the ravine and waited. He had set his teeth. The nerves on the bottom of his feet were twitching. Something freezing cold was beginning at the tips of his fingers. How long would it take Dozier to come? An interminable time. The hoofbeats actually seemed to fade out and draw away at one time. Then they began again very near him, and now they stopped.

It was Thomas Carlyle." Andrew raised his hat. "Though he was over eighty years of age," continued the stranger. "Carlyle would hardly rest content with merely giving us his countenance. He wanted to be a working member. It was he who mentioned Froude's name to us." "For honorary membership?" "Not at all.

Auld Petey said he minded the day when Aaron Latta was a merry loon, and then Andrew McVittie said, 'God behears, to think that Aaron Latta was ever a merry man! and Baker Lumsden said, 'Curse her!" His mother shrank in her chair, but said nothing, and Tommy explained: "It was Jean Myles he was cursing; did you ken her, mother? she ruined Aaron Latta's life."

And perhaps it was out of a little feeling of weariness of the theme, that Marget finally reminded her friend that she would be "lonely enough wanting her daughter," adding, "I was hearing too, that Andrew is not to be kept single much longer; and it will be what no one expects if Sophy Traill ever fills Christina's shoes." "Sophy is well enough," answered Janet with a touch of pride.

It may be His will that our bodies should perish on the spot where we are sitting; but I do tell you, that He offers to rescue your souls, and will certainly, if you put your trust in Him, not allow them to perish." Archy sat close to old Andrew, listening attentively to what he said, he had now learned to distinguish between his real and false friend.

"Andrew did not strike me as a dishonest boy." "I was amazed, sir. I could hardly believe my eyes." "What led you to search for the ticket?" "I knew that the watch must have been taken either by him or John, who came into the shop occasionally. I accordingly searched both." "And you found the ticket in Andrew's pocket?" "Yes, sir." "What did he say? Did he admit the theft?"

Mary, you have got thinner?..." "And you have grown stouter!..." "I knew the princess at once," put in Mademoiselle Bourienne. "And I had no idea!..." exclaimed Princess Mary. "Ah, Andrew, I did not see you." Prince Andrew and his sister, hand in hand, kissed one another, and he told her she was still the same crybaby as ever.