"And I must say that, with the fate of my collection and of the coronet trembling in the balance, this does not seem to me a season for idle jests." "I stand reproved," said the Duke; and he smiled at Sonia. "My keys, Sonia the keys of the Paris house," said the millionaire. Sonia took her own keys from her pocket and went to the bureau. She slipped a key into the lock and tried to turn it.

He saw the bright vision of a small fortune placed in his hands as the result of a single gunplay. He had seen the schoolteacher. He knew by instinct that there was no fighting quality in Jig. And the moment he heard the location it was as good as cash in his pocket, he was sure. There was only one difficulty. He must beat out the sheriff.

If the Groland outside resembled his father-in-law, he would like to drink him a pledge that should burn like the plague and ruin. He snatched a flask from his pocket as he spoke, and after a long pull and a still longer "A-ah!" he stammered: "I've been obliged to bid farewell to my tongue, yet it feels as if it were sticking in my throat like the dry sole of a shoe.

In a little village which he had glimpsed from the top of a hill Bud went into the cluttered little general store and bought a few blocks of slim, evil smelling matches and a couple of pounds of sliced bacon, a loaf of stale bread, and two small cans of baked beans. He stuffed them all into the pocket of his overcoat, and went out and hunted up a long-distance telephone sign.

He was a clerk with father!" "So I thought. Who Stumpy is, though, I don't know. Do you?" "No; but his face I'm sure I've seen before. Let me see the letter. Have you read it?" "No; I hadn't time to spell it out, it is so badly written. Maybe you can read it." "I'll try," replied Kate. "Hand it over." I put my hand in my pocket to do so. The statement was gone!

"Never felt fitter in my life. Been out in the open all day long... simple life and all that... working like blazes. I say, business is booming. Did you see me just now, handing over Percy the Pup to what's-his-name? Five hundred dollars on that one deal. Got the cheque in my pocket.

So saying, the Doctor took out of his pocket a bird-skin he had provided for the occasion, and the children could not restrain their glee at the sight. "Oh! oh!" exclaimed Dodo, clapping her hands as she always did when excited; "it's all gold and ruby and jet. Where did you get it, Uncle Roy?"

But in this world it is not so easy for a man with just one penny in his pocket to stand up against an enemy solidly backed by a banking account. He feels that though his cause be right and his conscience clear, his position is precarious: that the world, if it knew the truth, would regard him almost as an imposter.

Every little while Jack Rabbit and Miss Meadows walked over to talk about it, and by and by they came over and wrote out all the invitations, which Mr. Robin promised to deliver, though he had once made a big mistake with an invitation by having a hole in his pocket. But Mr.

The more money he had, the more he wanted; there was a hole in Mr. Franklin's pocket that nothing would sew up. Wherever he went, the lively, easy way of him made him welcome. His third attempt succeeded, as you know already from what my lady told me. On Thursday the twenty-fifth of May, we were to see for the first time what our nice boy had grown to be as a man.