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"Ah, there, there they go!" cried the little girl, clapping her hands with delight. "See, nurse, how the pretty lights chase each other and dance about! Up they go, higher and higher! How pretty they look! But now they are gone! They are fading away. I am so sorry," said the child, despondingly, for a sudden cessation had taken place in the motions of the heavens.

Bough departed, to pay the prison penalty of not keeping in touch with the Police.... More cheers, strongly deprecated by the Judge. The Dop Doctor could hear that ironical clapping and braying five years off. It was over, over! He was free! Oh, the mockery of the word! His Counsel shook his hand warmly, and several old friends and colleagues pressed round him with hearty congratulations.

Mustapha made his appearance in the afternoon, and the pacha smoked his pipe for some time, and appeared as if communing with himself; he then laid it down, and clapping his hands, desired one of the slaves to inform his favourite lady, Zeinab, that he desired her presence. Zeinab entered with her veil down. "Your slave attends the pleasure of her lord."

Brunelli stepped into the yard and seemed to spread his smile and bow over the entire company. And everywhere there was a great clapping of hands and a few cries of "Bravo!" and "'Tonio! 'Tonio!" whatever those words might mean. Ladies waved their napkins at him, gentlemen almost twisted their necks off, trying to catch his nod. When the ovation was concluded Mr.

But although the two children waved their hands wildly to attract their attention, the good people opposite failed to see them because the little window suffered eclipse in the shadow of the large electric arc-light's green cap. "She's goin' to begin!" cried Flibbertigibbet, clapping her hands. The young lady sat down at the piano and began to play.

She could see, as it were, the entire sonata stretched out in detail before her like a road over which she had to travel.... At the end of the first movement the clapping enheartened her; she smiled confidently at the conductor, who, unemployed during her number, sat on a chair under his desk.

"O mother, dear mother!" cried Ernest, clapping his hands above his head, "I do hope that I shall live to see him!" His mother was an affectionate and thoughtful woman, and felt that it was wisest not to discourage the generous hopes of her little boy. So she only said to him, "Perhaps you may." And Ernest never forgot the story that his mother told him.

"We will see at once whether I do," answered Lucretia, clapping her hands with joy. "Here Marietta quick! Help me off with this hateful gown, and hand me the pink-satin petticoat." In a few moments the mistress and maid were equally happy, while the former was being decked in her magnificent neglige.

Might ha know'd he was on the King's business, and the Gentleman with two minutes' start streakin away for Birling Gap like a bullet from the bow." "Aw, he'll be out again than?" drawled the waterman, sleepy and Sussex. "Out again!" shouted Big Jerry, and clapping the handkerchief to his ear, thrust it beneath the other's eye of mildew. "What's that? blood, ain't it? whose? mine. How?

"No, by George, no, youngster, that answer shows me, my boy, that you are your father's son!" cried the Admiral heartily, clapping me on the back as if I were a man, and making me sneeze with the loose snuff which he shook off from his coat as he did so. "I said you were a chip of the old block the moment I first clapped eyes on you, and now I'm certain of it!