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She had always been to him the most wonderful child ever given to comfort an old man's life, but now as he abstractedly took a pinch of snuff from the silver box and then forgot to put it to his nose, he seemed suddenly to get that clearness of sight, that perspective, from which he could see her as she really was.

This, of course, could be done indefinitely, although half a dozen changes would be sufficient to insure a cipher that would absolutely defy solution. Where, however, was the key? That, after all, was the important matter; without it, the snuff box would be as useless to Monsieur de Grissac as it would be to his enemies themselves.

I suppose you don't smoke, Master Cyril?" "No, Captain Dave, I have never so much as thought of such a thing. In France it is the fashion to take snuff, but the habit seemed to me a useless one, and I don't think that I should ever have taken to it."

Both you and Roger are very dear to me, and I would like to see you both happy before I die as I suppose I must before many years, and and confound it! where's my snuff? I hope you will send a different word back to him."

The farmer, hearing their voices, came into the kitchen a middle-sized and middle-aged, rather coarse-looking man, with keen eyes, who took snuff amazingly. His manner was free, with a touch of satire. He was proud of driving a hard bargain, but was thoroughly hospitable. He had little respect for person or thing, but showed an occasional touch of tenderness.

Anybody who has lived in a region infested by carnivorous animals, knows how they prowl around the settler's cabin the night after any fat animal, cattle or swine is killed, for the meat. They snuff the blood from afar in the forest, and hasten to the place to have a tooth, or a paw, in the division of the spoils.

She she Ain't I told you about her over and over again? Ain't I?" "Sh-h-h! Don't cry, Hat. Yes, yes; I know. She was a swell little kid; all the old girls say so. Sh-h-h!" "The the night she died I I died too; I " "Sh-h-h, dearie!" "I ain't crying, only only I can't help remembering." "Listen! That's the new hit Charley's playin' Up to Snuff! Say, ain't that got some little swing to it?

This place is somewhat like Boston in its narrow streets, but unlike Boston in being quiet; as is all the South. Quiet and moderation seem to be the attributes of Southern cities. You need not hurry to a boat for fear it will leave at the hour appointed; it never does. "We took a carriage and drove along the Battery. The snuff of salt air did me good.

"He's deep beyond all honest men's discerning, but we must make him shallower. We'll undersell him, and over-buy him, and so snuff him out." They then entered into specific details of the process by which this would be accomplished, and parted at a late hour. Elizabeth-Jane heard by accident that Jopp had been engaged by her stepfather.

Domsie tasted it visibly, and read it again in the shadow of the firs at meal-time, slapping his leg twice. "He'll dae! he'll dae!" cried Domsie aloud, ladling in the snuff. "George, ma mannie, tell yir father that I am comin' up to Whinnie Knowe the nicht on a bit o' business."