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This mode of life not only preceded the industrial and commercial period of which regularity is a prime condition, but it lasted indefinitely longer than the latter has yet existed; during this early time great exertion, sometimes to the point of utter exhaustion and collapse, alternated with seasons of almost vegetative existence.

Now here is Christmas, and you can give him or make him a nice, substantial barn and someone else can give him a cow. Immediately the possibilities for play are greatly multiplied. He can take the cow to pasture, bring her into the barn to be milked, take the milk to market and store away hay for the winter, and so on indefinitely.

She pointed out across the parade ground where a drill was going on. "You know as well as I do that this is not the age for a military career." Jack was so disgusted with this, that with an exclamation of impatience, he abruptly strode off to the parade ground. "You are right, Gloria," said Philip. "I cannot live on a pension indefinitely.

After which honourable toil he would eat and drink anything put before him except boiled tea, against which he once preached with power and then would sit indefinitely with the family before the kitchen fire, telling tales of ancient history, recalling the old struggles of Scottish men, describing foreign sights, enlarging on new books, till he would remember that he had only dropped in for an hour, and that two meals must be waiting for him at the manse.

Rocks and bowlders were all around, but the trail still showed, and the donkey could have travelled indefinitely forward, so far as the boys could see. Nowhere was anything detected of the two men. "They may have turned the burro loose a half mile off," said Frank, chagrined and disappointed beyond expression.

First of all, fluctuating variability is an almost universal phenomenon. Every organ and every quality may exhibit it. Some are very variable, while others seem quite constant. Shape and size vary almost indefinitely, and the chemical composition is subject to the same law, as is well known for the amount of sugar in sugar-beets.

The bureaucratic muddle, so it seems, is to continue indefinitely. In Germany there has been the same burden of bureaucracy, but less backing and filling. There is a complete government monopoly. Whoever commits the crime of leasing telephone service to his neighbors may be sent to jail for six months. Here, too, the Postmaster General has been supreme.

The latter are merely cells, or articulations always ready to multiply by division, except when the particular conditions in which they become true germs are known. "The yeast of beer is a striking example of these cellular productions, being able to multiply themselves indefinitely without the apparition of their original spores.

It is only when the instances, being indefinitely multiplied and varied, continue to suggest the same result, that this result acquires any high degree of independent value.

One could not indefinitely extend one's subscriptions even for the best of causes! he said gently: "By the way, you know Mrs. Larne, don't you?" The effect of that simple shot surpassed his highest hopes. Joe Pillin's face, never highly coloured, turned a sort of grey; he opened his thin lips, shut them quickly, as birds do, and something seemed to pass with difficulty down his scraggy throat.