The official hour of punishment was long passed, but no one thought of that. They were backing up Stalky Stalky in deadly fear lest his voice should crack. "He does you credit, Sergeant," was the visitor's comment. "A good drill and good material to drill. Now, it's an extraordinary thing: I've been lunching with your head-master and he never told me you had a cadet-corps in the College."

"I wouldn't mind backing myself with a small piece of change. Pies just seem to be my natural prey." "Wait till I get well again," said Larry. "And you'll have some competition from me. It has always been my highest ambition to be around some day when a pie wagon gets hit by an automobile." "Jerusalem!" said Jimmy. "That would be heaven on earth, wouldn't it?"

"Yes," explained his mother, hardening her heart, "little boys who run away from home like little dogs have to be treated like little dogs." "Oh, I'll be a little dog," replied Philip, entering agreeably into the idea, and backing up to be chained. "No, I'll be a big dog. I'll run around an' jerk my chain an' say 'Woof! Woof! like the Hewitts' setter. And Foxy 'n I'll have bones together!"

The armor of her hull, 10-1/2 inches thick, composed mostly of 1-inch plates and 3 feet of oak backing, projects beyond her sides by the amount of its thickness, and overhangs, forming a solid ram 16 feet long at the bow. The whole upper structure also overhangs the stern, and protects the screw and rudder.

You know they had one in town t'other day. It would be a prime move, if we could only do it. We might fix her up here, just back of where I stand, so that every feller who called to see it would have to come up to the bar, front-face. There'd be no backing out then, you know, without ponying up for a drink.

"Your report and report of signal-officer received. I do not want you to let the enemy bluff you or your command, and I want you to distinctly understand this note. I do not advise rashness, but I do desire resolution and actual fighting, with necessary casualties, before you retire. There must now be no backing or filling by you without a superior force of the enemy actually engaging you.

Then, the Albatross backing and the Hartford going ahead strong with the engine, her head was fairly pointed up the stream, and she passed by without serious injury. Deceived possibly by the report of the howitzers in her top, which were nearly on their own level, the Confederates did not depress their guns sufficiently to hit her as often as they did the ships that followed her.

"Rogues should not prey on each other, my good fellow. You rob your master; so do we. Let each keep what he has got." Long Ned and Tomlinson then backing their horses, the carriage was freed; and away started the post-boys at a pace which seemed to show less regard for life than the robbers themselves had evinced.

"If he's worth backing at all I suppose he's worth backing heavily." This aphorism seemed to merit a new cigar on Crane's part, so he lighted one. "He's travelin' up and down in the market," continues Faust. "He dropped to thirty, then went back to seventy-five; now he's at twenty; I can't make it out." "I shouldn't try," advised Crane, soothingly.

Clever, bold and brilliant, stopping at nothing, with the solid backing of the army and a brain greater than any that has been known on this earth in hundreds of years, it seemed as though this superman could accomplish anything he desired. After he had attained his ends in Paris he went again into the field to meet his enemies.