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They were just about to enter the cabin when somewhere in the night came the weird hoot of an owl, and a pale, sickly moon peeped between the clouds. "Well, fellows, how do you like that old stone fire-box, anyhow?" Ham questioned. "I haven't heard a fellow say a word about it yet. That big black pot hanging on that crane makes me happy all over.

Within this "old part" were many curious rooms, one having the peculiarity of seven doors and but one window; a monster fireplace, wherein one could stand and look straight up to the sky through the great stone chimney, and where still hung a rusty gigantic crane, once used for the roasting of meats and boiling of pots; but, most curious of all, a perpendicular shaft leading to a "secret chamber" beneath the sloping roof.

The man took flight and rushed oft into the field, and there he found the crane marching proudly about, and to him he told his tale. 'Come back to my house, said the crane, and so they went to the crane's house, and as soon as they got there, what did the crane take down from the wall? Why, he took down a sack, and he said: 'Two out of the sack!

He's a soft heart." "Soft as a green quince!" said Mrs. Abner, scornfully. "How many friends has he?" "Those he has are warm enough," Miss Crane retorted. "Look at Colonel Carvel, who has him to dinner every Sunday." "That's plain as your nose, Mirandy Crane. They both like quarrellin' better than anything in this world." "Well," said Miss Crane, "I must go make ready for the Brices."

Here, three years only out of military leadingstrings, he was a young cock of the walk, "too dam' independent for a second lieutenant," said the officers' club element of the command, men like Gregg, Wilkins, Crane and a few of their following.

Dundee applied to Hamilton for protection, and Hamilton advised him to bring the matter under the consideration of the Convention at the next sitting, Before that sitting, a person named Crane arrived from France, with a letter addressed by the fugitive King to the Estates.

He was just about to thrust out his head and crane his neck to follow the gorgeous apparition, when a peculiar dry rustling in the air above checked him. He glanced up cautiously, and saw hovering, not more than twenty or thirty yards away, a beautiful and dreadful being.

There we were, sweating and clanging and navvying, till the day shift came to relieve us. And I ought to say that fifty feet above our great gap, and from end to end across it, there ran a travelling crane on a skeleton line, with platform, engine, and wooden cab all compact in one.

What have you got on the east bank that needs looking after? "Pontoon one big pontoon with the overhead crane on it. T'other overhead crane on the mended pontoon, with the cart-road rivets from Twenty to Twenty~three piers two construction lines, and a turning-spur. The pilework must take its chance," said Hitchcock. "All right. Roll up everything you can lay hands on.

"Another guess," Crane cut in: "they've taken considerable trouble to clear the track for us. Maybe it occurred to somebody at the last moment to make sure none of us was likely to pull off an inside job." "'Inside job?" Dressler pleaded. "Planting bombs in the coal bunkers things like that anything to crab our getting through the barred zone in spite of mines and U-boats."