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Many years ago don't ask me how many there was a young woman, Bertha von Hillern by name, a poor art student seeking money enough to take her abroad, who engaged with the management of a hall in Louisville to walk one hundred miles around a fixed track in twenty-four consecutive hours. She did it. Her share of the gate money, I was told, amounted to three thousand dollars.

Edith and I sat quite alone in our box for an hour fully; I in my severe black habit, with my elbow on the railing, my chin in my hand, steadily gazing at the track; Edith erect, sharp-eyed, and nervously looking about in search of some one desirable to bow to and invite to join us. Finally she leaned forward and said to me, "Isn't this simply terrible? I can't stand it. Come, let's get out."

In about two hours he heard a dog bark to the left of the track, and, turning off in that direction, he soon found himself in a courtyard, and before a door which he thought he recognised: the door opened at the sound of his horse, and out walked Tom Troubridge. "Good Lord!" said the Doctor, "a friend's face at last; tell me where I am, for I can't see the end of the house."

Think of the moon, the queen of the night, which circles monthly around our heavens, pursuing, as she does, a majestic track, at a distance of two hundred and forty thousand miles from the earth.

Hunt's track in the snow for several days, sleeping as usual in the open air, and suffering all kinds of hardships. At length, coming to a low prairie, he lost every appearance Of the "trail," and wandered during the remainder of the winter in the mountains, subsisting sometimes on horse meat, sometimes on beavers and their skins, and a part of the time on roots.

"Nothing more than you and every one else does that he is a rank impostor!" "I don't mean that. I mean, where is he? I want to see him very much." "You want to see him? He has vanished, and left no track. Is it nothing I can help you in?" "No," said she, looking very miserable. "I hoped you could have told me where to find him. Good-bye, and thank you."

He was an honest man and a gentleman, he had tried all his life to do right as he saw it, and did not mean to turn murderer now, no matter how easy it would be for him to defend his action. At the end of an hour he had decided that it would be murder, and no less, to let Stamboul track Goddard to his hiding-place.

"Well, sah, if yo' man doesn't show up an' sometimes they don't, owing to bad roads you can come back with us after we load up with the wood. I live down the track five miles; we lie thar fur the night. Yo' don't look equal to taking to yo' two standing feet."

I knew that as long as I kept on going uphill I was more or less on the right track, for the big granite-strewn bulk of North Hessary lay right in front of me, and I had to cross it to get to the Walkham Valley. On I went, the ground rising higher and higher, until at last the wet slippery grass began to give way to a broken waste of rocks and heather.

Disaster after disaster marked their perilous track; gale after gale swept them hither and thither, tossing them on sandbanks or shattering them against granite cliffs.