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And just above the pivot that fastens the blades, a circle of iron through which the hands would be placed, into the lower circles the feet, and into the center circle the head would be pushed, and in that position he would be thrown prone upon the earth, and kept there until the strain upon the muscles produced such agony that insanity and death would end his pain.

Young Lassalle, instead of becoming a clever silk-merchant, insisted on a university career, where he studied earnestly, and was admitted to the most cultured circles. Though his birth was Jewish, he encountered little prejudice against his race.

With more education we shall be able to think in larger and larger circles until we become, finally, really national in our interests and sympathies.

So it is that the problem of the attitude of the child to its parents circles round again to that of the parents to the child. The wise parent realises that childhood is simply a preparation for the free activities of later life, that the parents exist in order to equip children for life and not to shelter and protect them from the world into which they must be cast.

We followed it thus for an hour only some few yards off. Captain Nemo did not take his eye from the knob, suspended by its two concentric circles in the cabin. At a simple gesture, the pilot modified the course of the Nautilus every instant.

"He has so many female friends in the most varied circles." "Well, we can close round her then," I returned; "for I on my side know, or used to know, her young man." "Her intended?" she had a light of relief for this. "The very one she's going out to. He can't, by the way," it occurred to me, "be very young now." "How odd it sounds her muddling after him!" said Mrs. Nettlepoint.

Thus Barbara was heard and known in larger circles, and she had the pleasure of hearing her admirable training and excellent method of delivery praised by the director of the choir of the Cathedral of Saint Bavon, one of the greatest musicians in the Netherlands. But it afforded her special gratification when a choir of Catholic women chose her for their leader.

She provided herself with an English accent, an English vocabulary, and an English manner, and in certain circles was felt to be most impressive. At an afternoon function in the country Mrs. Vanderpoel had met Lady Bowen. She had been one of the few kindly ones, who in the past had given an occasional treat to Milly Jones for her girlhood's sake.

There was a rush of silent movement, as the Presences drew past her through the air, and they were gone. But, clearest of all, she saw the manner of their going; for she recognized in their tumult of escape by the window open at the top, the same wide "looping circles" spirals as it seemed that she had seen upon the lawn those weeks ago when Sanderson had talked. The room once more was empty.

Scorpion girt with fire was never in a more terrible prison-house than poor Ripton, around whom the raging element he had assisted to create seemed to be drawing momently narrower circles. "There's only one chance," said Richard, coming to a dead halt, and folding his arms resolutely. His comrade inquired with the utmost eagerness what that chance might be.