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She sat between her brother-in-law, Mr. Arbuthnot, on one side, and an old friend of her father's, of thirty years' standing, on the other. The old friend talked exclusively to Lady Staveley, and Mr. Arbuthnot, though he now and then uttered a word or two, was chiefly occupied with his dinner.

It was a matter of great concern to John Bright. Four hundred dollars was a "mint of money," and he could not see how he should ever be able to save so much from his daily earnings. So he talked with Squire Lee about it, who told him that three hundred was all it was worth. John offered this for it, and after a month's hesitation, Mr.

A prince won't be no better nursed... and besides, you needn't refuse yourself nothing that's necessary, you can afford it. I have just been talking things over with Cibot, for what would he do without me, poor dear? Well, and I talked him round; we are both so fond of you, that he will let me stop up with you of a night.

She fought his guardians; she talked straight to his opposers; she took buffets that were meant for him to take; she made plans, efforts, and arrangements for his comfort. Lots of things he wanted he could simply not have had if she had failed to procure them. Pushed beyond a certain point Maurice gave in, or appeared to give in, and lied.

He got right at Him and talked like a doctor, and you felt he had some influence, and there was at least a possibility that he might get what he asked for; but Miss Amelia prayed as if the Lord were ten million miles away, and she would be surprised to pieces if she got anything she wanted.

The passengers of the Panama came from widely different parts of Central America. They were coffee planters and mining engineers, concession hunters, and promoters of mining companies. I sounded each of them separately as to the condition of affairs in Honduras, and gave as my reason for inquiring the fact that I had thoughts of investing my money there. I talked rather largely of my money.

If you live among us you will doubtless see the manner of their worship, which is strange indeed, and most unpleasant for the poor slaves they bring to take part in it." As Ja talked I had an excellent opportunity to inspect him more closely.

As we went along with huge strides, the gardener talked to me, and grew sad. "Ah, my poor Gigia! To be born with such an infirmity! To think that I have never heard her call me father; that she has never heard me call her my daughter; that she has never either heard or uttered a single word since she has been in the world!

"I tell you," continued Paul, "that Miss Carvel has promised to marry me, and I constantly speak to her of our marriage." "But does she speak to you of it?" I asked. "I fancy that she never alludes to it except to tell you not to go to her father." In his turn Paul was silent, and bent his brows. He must have been half distracted, or he would not have talked to me as he did.

I dined at Landsberg's; I sat in the kitchen of the former Baroness Gembruk.... I visited all the celebrities. I was present at a flogging, after which I dreamed for three or four nights of the executioner and the revolting accessories. I have talked to men who were chained to trucks.

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