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Anything that depresses, anything that makes the organization greater than the man, anything that blocks, discourages, dismays the humble man, is against all the principles of progress.

You've set an example no other landowner can expect to live up to, or intends to. It's too lavish. It's pernicious, dear chap. I have heard all about the cottage you are doing over for Pearson and his bride. You had better invest in the Cedric." Tembarom wanted him to go on, if there was anything in it.

A friend of mine passed through here yesterday; his herd was sold for delivery on the Elkhorn, north of here, and he tells me he may not be able to reach there before October. He saw your herds and tells me you are driving the guts out of them. So if there's anything in that old 'ship-fever theory, you ought to be quarantined until it snows.

So she up and come to me and added more, and spoke basely of my father, who I perceive did do something in the country, at her last being there, that did not like her, but I would not enquire into anything, but let her talk, and when ready away to the Office I went, where all the morning I was, only Mr.

When they wish to look for anything in the dark, a wisp of dried grass is lighted. Chinsamba gave us a great deal of his company during our visits. As we have often remarked in other cases, a chief has a great deal to attend to in guiding the affairs of his people.

Now, if we'd done that there'd ha' been no branch to lay hold on here, and we might ha' gone on to Spalding afore we'd stopped. Eh, but howding on theer made me keb." "Are you hurt, Dick?" said the squire. "N-no, I don't think I'm hurt, father," replied Dick, hesitatingly; "only I feel " "Well, speak, my lad; don't keep anything back."

'Well, have you got anything, Robert? asked Ericson, as he entered his room. 'Nothing, answered Robert. 'What was the sermon about? 'It was all to prove that God is a benevolent being. 'Not a devil, that is, answered Ericson. 'Small consolation that. 'Sma' eneuch, responded Robert. Soulis made oot to be in God himsel'. He had no ill intentions wi' us it amuntit to that.

They have never seen anything beyond their own little strip ''twixt the hill and the sky, and they can only follow a leader like a flock of pretty sheep. It is true that they ought to have a broader horizon than the boundary of the little social circle in which they were born, but you must make allowances for them, my child.

"When they do come, you know you can depend on me. I'm not much of a hand at social life, so it's best to keep out of the way and let other fellows chip in who can make a better show, but if there's anything useful to be done, you might give me a turn. We're very old friends." Darsie gave him an affectionate glance. "Indeed I will. I should feel you a tower of strength. Thank you, dear Oak-tree."

For a while he had found going to bed on the bath-room floor a soporific; then one night he went to rest in his own bed at ten o'clock, and had gone promptly to sleep without anything. He had done the like with the like effect ever since. Of course, it amused him; there were few experiences of life, grave or gay, which did not amuse him, even when they wronged him.