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At the foot of the slope the river which formed the eastern boundary flowed, distant a quarter of a mile or so from the top of the rise. To the right another stream came down between the slope and another less elevated rise beyond. This stream had here rather a rapid fall, and was distant about three hundred yards from the intended site of the house.

Evidently the concept of the perpendicular on the boundary between the two media is in itself a complete abstraction, since nothing happens dynamically in its direction. To a normal human understanding it is incomprehensible why a ray of light should be related to an external geometrical line, as stated by the law of refraction in its usual form.

His marriage had, only eighteen months before, cut his life sharply with the boundary of an epoch. The den bore something of the atmosphere of a museum dedicated to past eras. It was crowded with useless junk that stood for divers memories and much wandering. Many of the pictures that cumbered the walls were redolent of the atmosphere of overseas.

Still, if his ruin had been chiefly legal; if he had been brought up under different laws, and in places where they made those things which he desired to deal in; if it was clear that those things were good, and their benefit might be extended to persons who otherwise could have no taste of them; above all, if it were the first and best desire of all who heard of it to have their own fingers in the pie then let others stop it, who by duty and interest were so minded; the Rector was not in the Commission of the Peace though he ought to have been there years ago and the breach of the law, if it came to that, was outside of his parish boundary.

One has only to cross the new frontier to understand why Italy was so desperately insistent on a strategic rectification of her northern boundary, for whereas, before the war, the frontier ran through the valleys, leaving the Austrians atop the mountain wall, it is now the Italians who are astride the wall, with the Austrians in the valleys below.

Near the west boundary of the home lot, and north of the lane that enters it, I planted two acres of dwarf pear trees Bartlett and Duchess, three hundred trees to the acre. I also planted six hundred plum trees Abundance, Wickson, and Gold in the chicken runs on lot 4.

The settlement at Pembina, near Pembina Mountain, lies in Minnesota, a few miles only from the international line. The settlers supposed they were on British soil until the establishment of the boundary showed them their mistake. Every year the settlement sends a train to St.

The bonde hailed him good-humoredly as an old acquaintance, much in the tone of a master addressing a servant, and Thelma smiled kindly at him, but the boundary line between superior and inferior was in this case very strongly marked, and neither side showed any intention of overstepping it.

E. H. Elwell read a paper on the "British View of the Ashburton Treaty, and the Northeastern Boundary Question;" the Hon. Joseph Williamson on "The Rumored French Invasion of Maine in 1798;" the Rev. Dr. Burrage on "Additional Facts concerning George Waymouth;" Dr. Charles E. Banks on "The Administration of William Gorges from 1636 to 1637."

The road ran by the boundary, and was packed with people, all gazing absorbed and quiet into the grounds of the colliery; they were stacked up the hedge banks, and the walls and trees were loaded with boys. A few empty motor-cars of the colliery directors stood about. A carriage-horse champed its bit, and the still watchers turned at once to that intrusive sound.