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But that would be only beginning at the end once more. Again she essayed to read. The letter would have been a little incomprehensible to any one except herself, but she understood. There were three "darlings"; inexcusable tautology! She kissed them all, but she kissed oftenest the end: "You will forgive me for forgetting myself God knows I didn't intend to and you will wait; have faith?

Great excitement had taken possession of her, and as the silver light of the full moon shone into her room she waved her hands before the artist's eyes and fixed her gaze upon the threshold illumined by the moonbeams, ejaculating sentences incomprehensible to the blind man. Bias supported her, for she had risen to her full height, and he felt how she tottered and trembled.

But I know it has been seen lately where we met, and I shall triumph at last." A good deal of all this was to me incomprehensible.

Utterly incredible, wildly incomprehensible, of course, to our limited understanding; yet absolutely true for all that. Naturally we could not expect to understand at our present stage of knowledge how so marvellous a result is produced, and to attempt an explanation would only be to involve ourselves in a mist of words from which we should gain no real information.

What induced these people to risk money and life for privileges which a wise policy of the government this was the firm conviction of those who shared Barbara's views could not possibly grant, was incomprehensible to her, and she watched the course of the rebels with increasing aversion.

"Children are fascinated by any sort of motion pictures, but a lot of them must be wholly incomprehensible to the child mind. I agree with Patsy that the little ones ought to have their own theatres and their own pictures." "That will come, in time," prophesied Aunt Jane.

'Wot a incomprehensible letter, said Sam; 'who's to know wot it means, vith all this he-ing and I-ing! It ain't my father's writin', 'cept this here signater in print letters; that's his. 'Perhaps he got somebody to write it for him, and signed it himself afterwards, said the pretty housemaid.

But the success of a science of mathematical form would be no less incomprehensible, if matter did not already possess everything necessary to adapt itself to our formulae.

"'Nothing. "We looked at each other; both of us feeling the same doubt of how the day would end. Miss Minerva pointed impatiently to the lawyer's reply. I opened it. "Mr. Mool's letter was very kind, but quite incomprehensible in the latter part of it.

"On the contrary, Bunny, I persuaded him to put it in!" And Raffles chuckled in my face as I have known him chuckle over many a more felonious but less incomprehensible exploit. "Didn't you see, Bunny, how bad the poor old boy looked in his library this morning? That gave me my idea; the fiction is at least founded on fact.