She don't know she never will believe she can die, and I don't want her to know. I'll have time enough to cry after she's gone." "I feel I must stay vith yer to-night," warm-hearted Mrs. Wheaton began; "and if Miss Jocelyn vill look hafter my children I vill." "No, Mrs. Wheaton," said Mildred decidedly, "I'm going to stay. You ought to be with your children.

"See arter the TIMES, Thomas; let me look at the MORNIN' HERALD, when it's out o' hand; don't forget to bespeak the CHRONICLE; and just bring the 'TIZER, vill you:" and then he'd set vith his eyes fixed on the clock, and rush out, just a quarter of a minit 'fore the time to waylay the boy as wos a-comin' in with the evenin' paper, which he'd read with sich intense interest and persewerance as worked the other customers up to the wery confines o' desperation and insanity, 'specially one i-rascible old gen'l'm'n as the vaiter wos always obliged to keep a sharp eye on, at sich times, fear he should be tempted to commit some rash act with the carving-knife.

Round about, over all this ground below Notre Dame de Lorette and the fields round Souchez, the French had fought ferociously, burrowing below earth at the Labyrinth sapping, mining, gaining a network of trenches, an isolated house, a huddle of ruins, a German sap-head, by frequent rushes and the frenzy of those who fight vith their teeth and hands, flinging themselves on the bodies of their enemy, below ground in the darkness, or above ground between ditches and sand-bags.

"Don't know, yer honour. You and he's got your peepers fixed in the same place, and scuse me; but if you give 'im a chance, he'll beat yer. He'd charm a serpiant vith thews peepers o' hisn." "Aren't you afraid yourself, then?" "He can't hurt me, for I'm too tough, and I'm noan sighin' for anybody, I ain't; and I hain't a got a good-lookin' jib, and "

Pickwick accosted him. 'Sam, said that gentleman. 'Sir, replied Mr. Weller. 'I am going for a walk round the prison, and I wish you to attend me. I see a prisoner we know coming this way, Sam, said Mr. Pickwick, smiling. 'Wich, Sir? inquired Mr. Weller; 'the gen'l'm'n vith the head o' hair, or the interestin' captive in the stockin's? 'Neither, rejoined Mr. Pickwick.

Two hundred miles, and offers a thousand dollars!" "Capitaine!" Un grand passion pour le cheval. Pourquoi: vy he no like him ver sheep? vy he no steal 'im?" I started at the suggestion, and looked towards Saint Vrain. "Vith permiss of le capitaine, I vill le cheval cache," continued the Canadian, moving towards the door.

Though architectural design is a permanent characteristic of Western art, of four periods I think it would be fairly accurate to say that it is a characteristic so dominant as to be distinctive; and they are Byzantine VIth Century, Byzantine IX-XIIIth Century, Florentine XIVth and XVth Century, and the Contemporary Movement.

Vell, all at once I'll spot a cove or covess vith vot I calls a capital mug, I'll follow that cove or covess, and by 'ook or by crook I'll find out that there cove or covess's name, and down it goes in my little book, d' ye see?" and he tapped the little book. "But surely," said Barnabas, "surely they don't all prove to be murderers?"

'Wot do you mean by her making jokes? demanded Sam, quite aghast at the obscurity of his parent's speech. 'Never you mind, Samivel, returned Mr. Weller gravely; 'puns may be wery good things or they may be wery bad 'uns, and a female may be none the better or she may be none the vurse for making of 'em; that's got nothing to do vith widders.

And werry vell you're a-doing vith it, for both of us." "I do my best, Jarsper." "V'ich couldn't be bettered, Dick. Then look how you 'elp me vith my cases." "Do I, Jarsper?" said the Corporal, his blue eyes shining. "That you do, Dick. And now I've got another case as I'm a-vaiting for, a extra-special Capital case it is too!" "Another murder, Jarsper?"