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I've been sittin' wit' the wireless operator all evenin', an' now, thinks I, he's weary listenin' to me nonsinse, so I'll go up on the bridge an' interview Misther Schultz. If I be the Rock av Cashel! What was that?" "Vot? Vere?" Mr. Schultz exclaimed, and set down his cup of coffee.

"Well, you see, sir," began Markley, but Geisler interrupted him furiously. "Ach Himmel! Vot are you, a man or a Strassbourg pie? Donnervetter! Go! Raus! gedt oudt! Vamoose!" "Sir," began Markley, turning to Mr. Merrill from this furious storm of abuse. But his employer had taken out his check-book and fountain pen, and seemed intent upon making out the pink slips.

But Bertha, an undistinguishable heap on the floor of the unlit room, only gasped brokenly for breath and wept on. "Ach, ach, ach, lieber Gott in Himmel!" sobbed Bertha. "Why didn't Toby come for me? Ach, ach! What iss happened mit Toby? Somedings iss happened I know ut!" "Ya, ya!" jibed Gratz; "somedings iss heppened, I bet you! Brop'ly he's got anoder vife, dod's vot heppened!

Some of them even tore at the walls as if they imagined they could demolish them and get at the gringo gold. "Dot is vot goldt does for mens," philosophically remarked the German, as he gazed at the onrush, firing methodically at the same time. Jack, Ralph, and Walt were at one of the windows, while the professor and Coyote Pete defended the other.

I haf dravel der vorlt over shbeaking, wriding, delling der beoples to make vay for der zoshul refolushun. Uf dey vill not, ve must der reech kill. We must remofe dem vich stand py der roat und stay der march of civilization. Some say 'Make haste! kill! kill! I say, 'Nein, vait, gif der wretched beoples some chance to be safe. Tell dem vot is Anarchy. Etjucade dem. "Vell, den, dey listen to me.

From this point the Indian dialect was dropped for intelligible English. "And vot will become of me?" asked Hans Vanderbum, in considerable alarm.

"Stand avay, man!" he added to the constable, who now laid hand on his collar. "You'll see vot the judge says to that 'ere bit of paper; and so vill the prisoner, poor fellow!"

You can't do it!" "I can't?" "You can't order only vot you gonna eat." "But then, I don't want anything. I'm not hungry." "But you can't sit here like a dummy, man!" He turned to the waiter. "You bring him de same vot you bring me. Unnerstand? And git a move on, cause I'm starvin'. Fade out now!" And the waiter turned and fled.

He sat down amid silence which was presently broken by the shrill voice of Duffer. "Mr. Cheerman," said Duffer. "I rise to a p'int o' order." "Pint o' vot?" inquired the Chair. "Order, sir, order!" cried Duffer, who had long been a member of an East Side debating club. "Vell, I hunderstands you, Duffer, hall as far's you've vent. But it's wery himportant, me boy, vot you horders a pint of.

"Get away into the bedroom." "Potztausand! Vot is it then?" cried the astonished Teuton. "Out with you! I want this room to meself." Von Baumser shrugged his shoulders and lumbered off like a good-natured plantigrade, closing the door behind him.

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