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"It's Patsy, he's breakin' the heart av him, an' he wants to see you, and, your riverince, it's meself I want to " The voice broke down completely. "Come in, come in!" cried Shock, his tears flowing fast. "Come, Patsy, do you want to see me? Come on, old chap, I want you, too." He took the little cripple in his arms and held him tight while his tears fell upon Patsy's face and hands.

Jis' to think of their saaing four pair of legs dancing over their hids, not to spake of the dog that could come in by way of dessart." "O Tim! keep still, it is too dreadful!" "Worrah! it wasn't meself that introduced the subject, but as yez have got started, I've no objection to continue the same." "Let us try and talk about something more pleasant "

Cleek stepped back to his work a little thoughtful, a little absent-minded, until the frown upon his forehead caused Dollops to lean over and whisper anxiously, "Nothin' the matter, is there, sir?" He shook his head rapidly. "No, boy, no. Simply thinking, and smelling a rat somewhere." "Been smellin' of it meself this parst two hours," returned Dollops in a sibilant whisper.

Having thus succeeded in stopping the advance of the blacks, he turned round and rushed forward towards where Green was standing. "Arrah, shure, Masther Green, it's meself, Paddy Casey, is delighted to see ye; though little was I after thinking, when I last set eyes on ye, that the next time ye'd see me I'd be turned into a wild savage!" he exclaimed. "What!

But I grabbed meself a biggish lump of peppermint twist, and would be slinkin' behind me mother to finish it, and she talkin' at the door to ould Mrs. McClenaghan, and I heard her sayin' her heart was broke. So I got wond'rin' to myself if the raison was maybe that we'd ate it all on her. Och, but it's the quare foolishness people does be remimberin'!"

"Aye, it's took," old Patman said, "but how she grabbed it I dunno, onless, I was thinkin', be any chance you mentioned somethin' about it?" "Divil a bit of me did," the widow averred, with truth, which her hearer accepted. "And how much might you have had in it at all?" "Troth, I couldn't be tellin' you," he said; "I never thought to count it. 'Tis just for a pleasure to meself I keep it.

And if she was a lady, how has it happened that she is locked up in the Tombs, and that a gentleman like ye is working at Otto's? And before ye answer, remember that I'm not askin' for meself, but for you and the poor woman ye tried to find to-day." His tired eyes had not left her own during the long outburst.

"Did n't none o' the folks go wit' her?" "How would annybody be goin' an' she up an' away before there was a foot out o' bed in the house?" answered Mike Duffy impatiently. "'T was herself that caught sight of Nora stealin' out o' the door like a thief, an' meself getting me best sleep at the time.

Sure, what chanst has a poor fellow the same as meself, wid the ould wans at home to support as well as meself, when there's such a fine match as Mr. Quinn to the fore! Och bedad! when ye're sittin' along wid him on your side-car, ye'll never offer to throw so much as a look at poor Mike."

"I went up to her that Monday night, and I sailing on a Wednesday, an' she gave me her blessing and a present of five shillings. She said then she 'd see me no more; 't was poor old Mary had the giving hand, God bless her and save her! I joked her that she 'd soon be marrying and coming out to Ameriky like meself. 'No, says she, 'I 'm too old.