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There was no abatement of wind, and snow was falling thickly before they had finished eating, and when they were through, Toby suggested: "I'm thinkin' we'd better haul the boat up farther and turn she over." "All right," agreed Charley, "let's do it now. It don't look as though we'd get off the island to-day." "Not till the wind stops, whatever," said Toby.

"It iss fery strange that we should foregather this mornin', Mr Mabberly," said the skipper, after greeting the young men; "for Shames an' me was jist speakin' aboot ye. We will be thinkin' that it iss foolishness for hum an' me to be stoppin' here wastin' our time when we ought to be at oor work."

We did it 'cause we didn't want our children to go through with what we had to go through, or do some of the things that we had to do. An' now you're all thinkin' that you can cut me out of this. You think you can sneak out here before I'm out of my bed in the mornin', an' hang one of my own cowboys as good a man as ever throwed a rope, too.

"What scriptur hae ye for sic a wanderin' invention, o' no practical value?" "'Deed, sir, what scriptur hed I for takin my brakwast this mornin, or ony mornin? Yet I never luik for a judgment to fa' upon me for that! I'm thinkin we dee mair things in faith than we ken but no eneuch! no eneuch! I was thankfu' for't, though, I min' that, and maybe that'll stan' for faith.

When yer come to that, hombly folks ain't allers as good 's they might be, 'n' no comfort to anybody's eyes, nuther." "You think the boy's all right in the upper story, do you? He's a strange kind of a child, to my thinkin'." "I ain't so sure but he's smarter 'n we be, but he talks queer, 'n' no mistake.

Tracey struggled perceptibly. The words, when they came, were blurted. "Ah... I was only thinkin' 'bout Angie." "Do you ever think about anything else?" "No," Tracey admitted honestly, "not much. But I was wonderin' " "Well?" "Are you stuck on Angie, Mr. Duncan?" demanded Tracey desperately. "Great snakes! I hope not!" He lifted a reverent hand to the card.

We work along, and we do the best we can with what comes our way, but most of us don't get the chance to do a thing that's goin' to help thousands of people, and that the whole country's goin' to say was a move for the right. You want to think of that, and when you're thinkin' so much about honour, you don't want to clean forget about honesty.

Slevin's madly roving gaze flew back and settled upon the discolored visage thrust toward him, then his own eyes widened. He recoiled, crying: "Look here! You don't think I ?" His words ended in a bark. "I ain't said what I think, but I'm thinkin' fast. Nobody knew it but us " "How d'you know?" "I know." Slowly Slevin settled himself.

I shall be ruined at this rate." "I really don't know what ails the people now. But 'spose it's these blamenation temperance folks that's doin' all the mischief." "We must get up something new, Sandy; something to draw attention to our house." "So I've been a thinkin'. Can't we get George Washington Dixon to walk a plank for us?

But I'm thinkin', son, from what I know of the work you'll have to do, that you'll mostly be tired enough after a day's work to want to rest a while. But if you're sot, I s'pose you're sot. An' I'm old enough to know that it's no use hammerin' a mule when he's got his forelegs spread.