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"It's the best, though. We hev got to make it s'cure. I don't 'magine she'll care fer awhile, any way. And then we kin tote her back to the sanitation." "Well, we'll see. Now, you sneak off and I'll tuck her in. Poor lamb! To think that she's looney!" "Ain't it a shame! If our'n was alive we wouldn't care if she could think or not we would think fer her wouldn't we, Samanthy?"

The fact is, we're a very careless set at Sobrante, where everything is or used to be all open and above board. It's a new thing for keys to be turned on this ranch, and it's a new thing for us to go suspecting one another of sneak notions.

It's the Indians!" exclaimed Joe, yielding to sudden alarm, having momentarily forgotten the anticipated danger when he proposed opening the door. "Keep your mouth shet!" said Sneak, listening with his ear placed near the floor behind the door. "How many do you make them out to be?" inquired Boone, when Sneak had occupied his position a few minutes.

Then make a swift sneak for San Quentin, get here before the newspaper tug crosses the bay, and tell me what you read. Then we'll wait and get a morning paper, when it comes in, from a guard. Then, if what you told me is in that paper, I am with you to a fare-you-well." It was a good test. I could not but agree with Oppenheimer that such a proof would be absolute.

"I'm going to help you get rid of the Englishman and his beasts then there will be no danger from the law when we get back to civilization. We can sneak in on them while they sleep that is Greystoke, his wife, and that black scoundrel, Mugambi. Afterward it will be a simple matter to clean up the beasts. Where are they?"

Indeed the work of Salmon Portland Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, forms a bridge, as one might say, between the first and second phases of Lincoln's administration. The interesting Englishman who is the latest biographer of Lincoln says of Chase: "Unfortunately, this imposing person was a sneak." But is Lord Charnwood justified in that surprising characterization?

If the wall had been whitewashed in the meantime, the lime had scaled down to the original plaster. Only the name, which had been written underneath, was illegible, though he could reconstruct with his mind's eye and the aid of a few shadowy strokes "Bill Fetters, Sneak" in angular letters in the printed form. The colonel smiled at this survival of youthful bigotry.

'And she's a regular sneak, said Wilfred. 'She wants to tell of everything only we stopped that and she doesn't dare now. 'You see, said Mysie, gravely, 'she has always lived alone and in London, and that makes her horribly stupid about everything sensible. We thought we should soon teach her to be nice; and mamma says we shall if we are patient.

Come on, don't be such a tarnation coward; the rattlesnakes, and copper-heads, and wipers, won't run after us; and if they was to, they couldn't reach up to our legs. This is a glorious day for snaking come on, Joe!" Joe followed at a very slow and cautious pace a few steps farther, and then halted again. "What're you stopping for agin?" asked Sneak. "Sneak, the pony ain't tall enough!"

"You have insulted me!" came fiercely from Paul's lips. "I am no sneak and informer! Did you think I would do the dirty trick you are too much of a coward to try? Well, you made a big mistake! I dislike Merriwell, but I am not ready to make myself contemptible in my own eyes by blowing on him." Bascomb put up his big hands and thrust Rains off.