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He paused, perhaps for breath, and then "I'm different," he said; "I struggled for my education; it was always the survival of the fittest with me. I worked my way through medical school. I had my hospital experience in Bellevue and on the Island most of my patients were the lowest of the low. I've tried to cure diseased bodies but I've left diseased minds alone.

Civilized legislation and philanthropy are directly opposed to your 'Survival of the Fittest; and since I am not a tattooed princess of the South Pacific, allowed to regale myself with croquettes of human brains, or a ragoût of baby's ears and hands, well flavoured with wine and lemon, I accepted civilization.

"You formed any idea what kind of of survival?" I asked gently, for the notion grew in me that after all these two would prove to be mere revolutionaries in escape, political refugees, or something quite ordinary. O'Malley buried his face in his hands for a moment without replying. Presently he looked up. I remember that a streak of London black ran from the corner of his mouth across the cheek.

Just as remarkable as the way in which they have to resist one another is the way in which they depend on one another. Their interdependence is, therefore, the point we have now to note. Since Darwin drew our attention to the struggle for existence and survival of the fittest, the perpetual strife in Nature has been clear enough.

Wanted, a man who would satisfy the conditions of the miocene environment, and yet would be good enough for an ancestor. We are not particular about our ancestors, if they are sufficiently remote; but we must have something. Failing to apprehend the primeval man, science has sought the primitive man where he exists as a survival in present savage races.

The redman will perpetuate himself only by the survival of his own customs for he will never be able to accept customs that are as foreign to him as ours are and must always be; he will never be able to accept a culture which is inferior to his own. In the esthetic sense alone, then, we have the redman as a gift.

"That is a very safe guarantee," said Arnold, laughing. "I wonder if she is pretty?" "I asked him that question too, and he replied very oddly that she had a most splendid figure, which fetched everybody. Is not that rather a vulgar expression?" "It is, in England. Perhaps in America it belongs to the first circles, and is a survival of the Pilgrim Fathers.

It is significant that the miners of that day, like hunters, always had the notion that they had come out to California just one trip too late for the best pickings. The physical life was very hard, and it is no wonder that the stragglers back from the mines increased in numbers as time went on. It was a true case of survival of the fittest.

Bowen, at the thought, felt the pang of the sociologist over the individual havoc wrought by every social readjustment: it had so long been clear to him that poor Ralph was a survival, and destined, as such, to go down in any conflict with the rising forces. Some six weeks later. Undine Marvell stood at the window smiling down on her recovered Paris.

Wherever other forms have existed monogamy has existed alongside of them as the dominant, even though perhaps not the socially honored, form. All other forms of the family must be regarded as sporadic variations, on the whole unsuited to long survival, because essentially inconsistent with the nature of human society.

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