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Charles himself, although doubtless annoyed by it, could not refrain from joining in the mirth which it excited at his expense. The friendship between Marvell and Milton remained firm and unbroken to the last. The former exerted himself to save his illustrious friend from persecution, and omitted no opportunity to defend him as a politician and to eulogize him as a poet.

Your young girls look so experienced, and your married women sometimes so unmarried." "Well, they often are in these days of divorce!" The other's interest quickened. "Your friend's divorced?" "Oh, no; heaven forbid! Mrs. Marvell hasn't been long married; and it was a love-match of the good old kind." "Ah and the husband? Which is he?" "He's not here he's in New York."

The real-estate broker with whom Ralph Marvell was associated represented these heirs, but Moffatt had his reasons for not approaching him directly. And he didn't want to go to Marvell with a "business proposition" it would be better to be thrown with him socially as if by accident. It was with that object that Moffatt had just appealed to Mr. Spragg, but Mr.

One of his earliest efforts in this direction was aimed at the Abbe de Maniban, a learned ecclesiastic, whose chief fault in Marvell's eyes lay in the fact of his professing to judge characters from handwriting. Whilst in Italy, Andrew Marvell met John Milton, and they having many tastes and convictions in common, became fast friends.

I vow I can't understand why my dithyrambs move her so little she's dithyrambic enough herself!" The door opened. He quickly pulled himself together. Gertrude Marvell came in, and as she gave him an absent greeting, he was vaguely struck by some change in her aspect, as Delia had long been. She had always seemed to him a cold half-human being, in all ordinary matters.

"We shall have plenty to do with those gentry to-morrow!" she said to the girl beside her, drawing her cloak round her so that it displayed a black and orange badge. Delia approached her. "Is Miss Marvell here?" They all stopped and eyed her. "Yes, she's upstairs. She's just come back from the Central. But she's very busy," said the elder lady. "She won't see you without an appointment."

She felt the strength of Van Degen's contempt for everything he did not understand or could not buy: that was the only kind of "exclusiveness" that impressed her. And he was still to her, as in her inexperienced days, the master of the mundane science she had once imagined that Ralph Marvell possessed.

"The awkward thing is" mused Miss Marvell "that there is so little time in which to manage him. If the movement were going on at its old slow pace, one might lie low, try diplomacy, avoid alarming him, and so forth. But we've no time for that. It is a case of blow on blow action on action and the publicity is half the battle."

Giles' Church lie Chapman, the earliest and best translator of Homer; and Andrew Marvell, the wit and patriot, whose poverty Charles II. could not bribe. Who would suppose that the Borough was the most classical ground in the metropolis? And yet it is undoubtedly so. The Globe Theatre was there, of which Shakspeare himself was a proprietor, and for which he wrote his plays.

"Are you taking that to Miss Blanchflower?" "Yes, Sir." "Shew me the way, please." Winnington followed her, and she, after a scared look, did not attempt to stop him. She paused outside a door, and instantly made way for him. He knocked, and at the "Come in" he entered, the maid slipping in after him with the tea. Two persons rose startled from their seats Delia and Gertrude Marvell.

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